Song of the week 11/4/16 – 17/4/16

It’s been a while since I last blogged something and it’s left a cold feeling in my heart seeing my blog getting neglected (also I haven’t blogged this month and my OCD will kick in if I see April 2016 missing posts so…). Now that I’ve said all of this, I think we can get back to song of the week where you get entertaining music to bump your head to.

This week I’ve chosen ‘Like That’ by Reeko Squeeze featuring AJ Tracey. The song just sticks in your head (well it does mine) if I’m being honest, there’s no story or deeper meaning to it; it’s pretty much UK braggadocio trap rap. Reeko is good on the song but AJ Tracey is what really makes it catchy if you pay attention to his flow and delivery. There are a few rappers that I can see making serious moves this year and these two are included.

Favourite line(s):

Reeko Squeeze – “Dead weed bring it back (bring it back!), I’m old school that’s a fact (yes!) and if you wanna run up on me (come on!), make sure I can’t come back! (please!)”

Reeko Squeeze – “She likes me ‘cause I’m black (black), I like her ‘cause her back (Her back), her face ain’t that (uh uh), but she’s fully on trap (ring. ring.)

AJ Tracey – “Them yutes they’re way too chatty (chatty), and my yutes them way to scatty (dip), that boy chat wild and aggy (uh), till he got himself bun like a patty (bow!)”

AJ Tracey – “In the dance with the peng you can smell me (smell it), and the peng white ting looking healthy (healthy), all my gunners in the back like Koscielny (warh), If you need it in the west you can bell me (brrr!)”

This song is easy to play on repeat so if you play this and end up playing it repeatedly, you’re welcome 🙂

Recommendation on how/when to listen: When you wake up, eat lunch, go sleep and any time in between.


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