Quick thoughts on cheesy lyrics

When it comes to music, I’m not afraid to say that I’m a guy who values an instrumental over the lyrics, the instrumental has got to sound good if the song is to even have a chance of being respected by me but that doesn’t mean that I won’t always notice lyrics. I can’t help but notice cheesy lyrics that have me saying ‘***** why?’ I don’t know why this is the case but it just is.

I don’t even know if I hate them because there are some songs that I rate very highly and they have some very cheesy lyrics but at other times I hear songs that make me put my head in my hands. Have you ever heard a Bruno Mars song? I’m pretty sure that the guy is made from cheese ‘I’d catch a grenade for ya’ (yeah… rrrright) I think for me, the case is that when I hear a lot of cheesy lyrics they’re just not done right and I feel like it’s not a real life reflection of the person who’s saying the lyric. I can’t complain too much because, the artists who come up with these lyrics make way more money than I do and it gets them recognition.

I can admit that the lyrics are really catchy so there’s that but there’s not much I can say without sounding negative. I’m going to post some songs and as catchy as they are, just tell me that the lyrics don’t make you cringe somewhat.

I’ll admit that not all of this is cheesy

This next song is cheesy done right!


3 thoughts on “Quick thoughts on cheesy lyrics

  1. Haha I’ve noticed the same cheesiness in songs. And I cringe when I listen to songs that I used to like…I don’t even know what I was thinking. Other than the fact that a catchy song can make up for some of the cheese. But still! I wish musicians would put more thought into what they write.

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