Song of the week 15/2/16 – 21/2/16

If I’m being honest, I had a song in mind for my song of the week this week but that song is going to have to step right back and with good reason. This week my song of the week is ‘Michelle Riddim (Lil’ Clive diss)’ by a certain North London rapper called Chip. You might (or might not remember) that a few months back I posted a song of the week (this is it) and Chip was responsible for the song, I said that he was in a rap beef (something else I also wrote about) with Bugzy Malone and Tinie Tempah. Since then, Chip finished off Bugzy Malone and Tinie Tempah kept on talking about Chip indirectly but now Chip has found someone new. Krept & Konan’s Play Dirty associate Yungen and it’s been interesting, Chip says that he ‘can’t run out of bars’ and he’s proving this.

Favourite line(s):

“If you don’t like me buss your gun, if you don’t like me suck your mum!”

“You was lost on The Long Way Home”

“Patrick what have you done? When I took you on tour, your mum said thank you for bringing my son”

Let me just explain some of my favourite lines. The first line has the words suck your mum and I’ll admit that in brings back a lot of funny memories, the second of my favourite lines was in reference to Krept & Konan’s album The Long Way Home which Yungen wasn’t featured on, considering that Krept & Konan are getting some mainstream exposure it kinda sucks that Yungen couldn’t ride the wave which makes it even more disrespectful. The third line is in reference to Tinie Tempah’s real first name which is Patrick and he is from an African household, Chip essentially used Tinie Tempah’s mum’s African accent to take the piss out of Tinie Tempah and he took the piss out of his mum too. I could say what the song is about but long story short, Chip doesn’t have respect for Yungen or Tinie Tempah. I should also mention that Chip dropped his first diss track (which I thought was better) for Yungen on Friday and Yungen responded in an hour.

Recommendation on how/when to listen: If you’re interested in rap beef in the UK then it’s always a good time to listen to this. If you want to find inspiration to banter people then look no further.


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