Twitter vs. WordPress community

I like social media, I’ll admit that I mainly use Twitter but I still like it. Social media is like a community of its own, there are a lot of communities on the internet like the blogging community and this is basically the point of the post. I like to use both Twitter and WordPress and by using them I feel like I get the best of what both have to offer. WordPress provides me with informative posts, facts, a little working of the mindset of other bloggers and a space in which I can communicate with other people and Twitter gives me the same (for the most part) but it’s the way in which the community does these things that interests me.

My assumption of WordPress is that it’s like many other blogging communities, it’s full of people who have a love and passion for writing and in some ways are determined to help others in the community succeed. I don’t use other blogging sites so I could be wrong but with WordPress, it’s a very nice playground where people contribute to posts, write respectful comments (mostly), nominate each other for awards and challenges. There’s a lot that I could say but what I’m getting at is that one of the aims seems to be building friendships online (although that has its problems) or at the very least respect. I’ve posted some ridiculous shit on my blog (Fucked up shit on Twitter) and every time I’ve gotten away with it, actually some people like the content. You really don’t need to be too worried about having an opinion or writing something too logical on WordPress because somebody will likely agree and comment letting you know that they approve and you’re being a fine upstanding citizen of WordPress. Twitter is not like this.

If not the most fun then Twitter is easily one of the most fun social media platforms to use but the amount of thick skin that is required to successfully navigate Twitter is considerable. Everybody has an opinion on Twitter and in most cases that’s what you’ll be reading but sometimes having an opinion is unacceptable. In a post that I wrote a while back, I said that Twitter is its own society with its own rules and standards. Don’t get me wrong, Twitter has a lot of great qualities, it’s a hub for entertainment, news and discussion of some really relevant topics; I’d go as far as to say Twitter is basically better version of television and that’s not where it ends as some people are known just for the antics they get up to on the site. A lot of people do forget that it’s not real and I think that’s one of the main differences between the community on Twitter and the community on WordPress. Admittedly, a lot of stupid shit is said on Twitter but some things that are said are reasonable, just worded very badly; that doesn’t stop people on the website from mobbing someone when they happen to say something that’s perceived as not so agreeable. I already stated that on WordPress, people will respectfully disagree with you, however on Twitter you see a lot of people embracing their inner keyboard soldier and attacking someone for having a view on something. Twitter is a place for making friends at times but a lot of times people are fronting and typing things that they don’t believe in to look good for people that they’ll probably never meet. Everything said on Twitter has the possibility to get out to the community and I’ll definitely say that Twitter is more entertaining and engaging than WordPress but it’s definitely a place where people have to tread more lightly (also, if you’ve ever shared something intimate with somebody on Twitter then expect it to exposed in exchange for some retweets).

To be fair, a lot things on Twitter go unnoticed and I’m sure that there’s an arsehole hiding somewhere on WordPress waiting for me to post something that they don’t like but when it comes to what I’ve seen of the communities, I can say that those are the major differences I’ve noticed. Both Twitter and WordPress produce the same results but they are so different in the manner that they do it. I’ve learnt a lot from both, especially when it comes to conducting yourself on a certain website. Whatever image you have of me from my blog, I can say that I’m different on Twitter, not radically different (I’m still respectful like I am here) but different.

Given that for the most part, the same people are on the same social networks, it’s weird how the community changes so much from one to another. Out of interest, have you ever noticed the difference between the social networks that you use?


10 thoughts on “Twitter vs. WordPress community

  1. This is so interesting! I did notice a difference but I never really thought about it. While on WordPress I follow bloggers with different subjects even if it’s not something that I write about (always things that interest me), on Twitter I only follow people that write on subjects that I write about (books, authors, kids, life). I started to use Twitter when I started my blog though sometimes I find it so hard to understand why are some people so aggressive. But I prefer not to engage in Twitter aggressiveness so whenever someone says something that bothers me somehow, I simply block them. ☺️ I really like your post!


    1. I’m happy you liked what I wrote 🙂 I agree with you, getting into argument on Twitter doesn’t really serve a purpose and it’s easy to find people coming at you for no reason. I feel like a more mature mindset is taken into wordpress which is probably why there’s a lot less aggression here.

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  2. I created a Twitter account to promote my blog, but I barely use it. Keeping up with the constant stream of posts is impossible and I dislike the word limit. Given the choice I prefer to communicate via WordPress comments.

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  3. An excellent analysis of both networks, Jeffrey. Though I set up a twitter account the same time I set up my blog, I prefer WordPress, but then I’m a retired school teacher who no longer wants to deal with aggressive behaviors. Do you think, perhaps, that, except for celebrities, the bloggers on WordPress are an older crowd than you find on Twitter? None of my grandchildren blog, but they’re all on Twitter.

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    1. Thank you for the compliment 🙂 Personally I think that the age ranges on both networks are around the same but with wordpress, the mindset is different because being controversial tends to be analysed more than praised and vice versa on Twitter.

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  4. I am new to Twitter, but I guess that users are more prone to making snarkier, one-sentence remarks on Twitter rather than commenting on WordPress, where there’s no character limit and people can illustrate their criticisms, arguments and points clearly. But then again I am pretty new so I am not sure how much I know about what I am talking about, haha.

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    1. I think you’ll enjoy using Twitter, it can be really fun! You’re right, people are really snarky on Twitter and not to sound like I think I’m better than other tweeters but you’ll find that when tweeters make an argument, a lot of the time it lacks substance and the character limit isn’t the reason.

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