Song of the week 22/2/16 – 28/2/16

Since getting an experience of the workplace, I already knew what my song of the week was going to be. I chose ‘Keep Da O’s’ by Tyler, the Creator and it features one of his idols Pharrell Williams. I like Pharrell’s contribution to the song but it’s really what Tyler, the Creator is saying that makes me like the track. The song shows that he’s an individual and that’s something which is really hard to achieve these days. He already has a lifestyle that most would love to live but he doesn’t have to show it off and brag about it. Personally, I feel that when it comes to making money, it’s not solely for the sake of living well but also to do the fun things that you do whilst being broke on a more regular basis.

Favourite line(s):

“See me, I don’t compromise, I know my accomplishments”

“Find your wings, find your wings, find your wings and fly”

I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer and I’ve never really kept up with fashionable things either which is probably why I’ve taken to this song so well. The reason that I relate this song to the workplace is just because I feel as if working a proper 9-5 is probably one of the biggest obstacles to the lifestyle that Tyler, the Creator talks about. Finding your wings is definitely a must!

Recommendation on how/when to listen: On the way to work (it could be inspiring).


Working ain’t easy


I’ve only recently learnt what it’s like to be in a proper working environment and it’s definitely a lot calmer than I expected; I’ve always had the idea that all work environments are stressful and incredibly hectic so it’s nice that I was proven wrong on that front (or maybe it’s the type of work that I’m doing). That’s not the full point of this blog post though, I’m actually giving props to all of the people that are in the working world and have been doing it casually for as long as they have (or since they were employed).

A while back, I wrote a post where I noted that people looked unhappy when they were travelling to work and if I’m honest that hasn’t changed. I’m surprised that people are able to get on with their jobs so casually despite the depressing feelings they carry on a daily basis. I can’t say that I have the best idea of the feelings that are being carried during transit, I could guess that there’s a lot of resentment carried towards the start of the week (because everyone hates Mondays) and at the end of the week people are just too mentally tired to celebrate. I can say that after a number of days of working, I feel drained so I can only imagine how those who have worked for years and decades feel.

Seriously, just slowly (VERY SLOWLY) transitioning into the working word has made me realise how mentally draining it all is. Doing that for five days a week (and in some cases six) for a paycheque doesn’t seem like the fairest trade, especially when considering that some people are working themselves down to the ground just to barely make ends meet. I’ve never really thought too much of the working world, I’ve always asked myself that if people are so unhappy, then why don’t they just quit and follow their dreams but it’s really not that simple. There’s so much mental strength needed to go through work especially knowing how much that it’s taking from you.

When I see working people who are very irritable, I can’t say that they don’t have the right to feel that way. Most of the day disappears into thin air and it’s hard to argue that it’s the most productive use of their time even if it’s contributing to society. Having a job is seriously a sacrifice and a huge one at that; honestly it’s really hard not to respect what these people do.

For all the people that work full time jobs, I fully respect the hustle, it’s sometimes classed as playing it safe but it’s really isn’t and it’s definitely not taking the easy way out in life.

Quick thoughts on cheesy lyrics

When it comes to music, I’m not afraid to say that I’m a guy who values an instrumental over the lyrics, the instrumental has got to sound good if the song is to even have a chance of being respected by me but that doesn’t mean that I won’t always notice lyrics. I can’t help but notice cheesy lyrics that have me saying ‘***** why?’ I don’t know why this is the case but it just is.

I don’t even know if I hate them because there are some songs that I rate very highly and they have some very cheesy lyrics but at other times I hear songs that make me put my head in my hands. Have you ever heard a Bruno Mars song? I’m pretty sure that the guy is made from cheese ‘I’d catch a grenade for ya’ (yeah… rrrright) I think for me, the case is that when I hear a lot of cheesy lyrics they’re just not done right and I feel like it’s not a real life reflection of the person who’s saying the lyric. I can’t complain too much because, the artists who come up with these lyrics make way more money than I do and it gets them recognition.

I can admit that the lyrics are really catchy so there’s that but there’s not much I can say without sounding negative. I’m going to post some songs and as catchy as they are, just tell me that the lyrics don’t make you cringe somewhat.

I’ll admit that not all of this is cheesy

This next song is cheesy done right!

5 Things I hate when playing games

Just thought I’d do a quick post for the games category of my blog because Lord knows that section needs a lot of love. I really don’t remember when the last time I wrote something for that section was, anyway that doesn’t matter, what matters is the present (some words of wisdom for all of you reading 🙂 ). A while back I thought about some of the things that really piss me off when I’m playing games and I thought why not share it because there are probably people who have experienced the same feeling.

When the game freezes:

This really got to me when I was younger (like how stuff grinded Peter Griffin’s gears) because I wasn’t a guy that valued the importance of saving every now and again. It’s very easy to get immersed in a game and forget that saving actually does a world of good. I’d always look at the screen and ask ‘SSX Tricky!? Why are you doing this?’ It’s a good thing that nowadays games have an autosave feature just so that when the game freezes you can stay calm with a smug smile knowing that you haven’t been set back far.

When a boss is too hard:

This is just me being a sore loser but even with that being said, I’m sure the purpose of a game is to complete it (or is it for the company to make money?) and I can’t complete the game if the God damn boss is getting in my way. To the developers of those hard to beat bosses, thank you for adding to my gaming experience and fuck you for all the stress.

When I’m playing a multiplayer game, I’ve had enough but the other player wants to keep playing:

I beg you, leave me alone.

When the game glitches:

I’m not talking about Pokémon style glitches because those glitches are awesome, I’m talking glitches that don’t benefit my game (not that all Pokémon glitches do). If only you knew the amount of times that I’d play SSX Tricky, uncontrollably crash into a wall and fall into a void of nothingness whilst I went from 1st place to last. The pain, the motherfucking pain.


Ok, this isn’t really something that I hate, I just wanted to call out Capcom because I’m admittedly still butthurt about what they did with Street Fighter X Tekken. I think both Street Fighter and Tekken are amazing series’ but that game was undeniably crap, and what makes it worse is that they tried to make people pay for DLC that was already on the disc? I don’t know what’s worse out of that and day one DLC, seriously. I have content on a game that I can’t access because I didn’t pay enough? I’m pretty sure that Capcom stole £21 from me when I brought it, if anything I’m owed that DLC.

I won’t get into a rant about DLC because I feel I’ve already done that before but I will ask this, what annoys you when you’re playing games?

Song of the week 15/2/16 – 21/2/16

If I’m being honest, I had a song in mind for my song of the week this week but that song is going to have to step right back and with good reason. This week my song of the week is ‘Michelle Riddim (Lil’ Clive diss)’ by a certain North London rapper called Chip. You might (or might not remember) that a few months back I posted a song of the week (this is it) and Chip was responsible for the song, I said that he was in a rap beef (something else I also wrote about) with Bugzy Malone and Tinie Tempah. Since then, Chip finished off Bugzy Malone and Tinie Tempah kept on talking about Chip indirectly but now Chip has found someone new. Krept & Konan’s Play Dirty associate Yungen and it’s been interesting, Chip says that he ‘can’t run out of bars’ and he’s proving this.

Favourite line(s):

“If you don’t like me buss your gun, if you don’t like me suck your mum!”

“You was lost on The Long Way Home”

“Patrick what have you done? When I took you on tour, your mum said thank you for bringing my son”

Let me just explain some of my favourite lines. The first line has the words suck your mum and I’ll admit that in brings back a lot of funny memories, the second of my favourite lines was in reference to Krept & Konan’s album The Long Way Home which Yungen wasn’t featured on, considering that Krept & Konan are getting some mainstream exposure it kinda sucks that Yungen couldn’t ride the wave which makes it even more disrespectful. The third line is in reference to Tinie Tempah’s real first name which is Patrick and he is from an African household, Chip essentially used Tinie Tempah’s mum’s African accent to take the piss out of Tinie Tempah and he took the piss out of his mum too. I could say what the song is about but long story short, Chip doesn’t have respect for Yungen or Tinie Tempah. I should also mention that Chip dropped his first diss track (which I thought was better) for Yungen on Friday and Yungen responded in an hour.

Recommendation on how/when to listen: If you’re interested in rap beef in the UK then it’s always a good time to listen to this. If you want to find inspiration to banter people then look no further.

Twitter vs. Wordpress community

I like social media, I’ll admit that I mainly use Twitter but I still like it. Social media is like a community of its own, there are a lot of communities on the internet like the blogging community and this is basically the point of the post. I like to use both Twitter and WordPress and by using them I feel like I get the best of what both have to offer. WordPress provides me with informative posts, facts, a little working of the mindset of other bloggers and a space in which I can communicate with other people and Twitter gives me the same (for the most part) but it’s the way in which the community does these things that interests me.

My assumption of WordPress is that it’s like many other blogging communities, it’s full of people who have a love and passion for writing and in some ways are determined to help others in the community succeed. I don’t use other blogging sites so I could be wrong but with WordPress, it’s a very nice playground where people contribute to posts, write respectful comments (mostly), nominate each other for awards and challenges. There’s a lot that I could say but what I’m getting at is that one of the aims seems to be building friendships online (although that has its problems) or at the very least respect. I’ve posted some ridiculous shit on my blog (Fucked up shit on Twitter) and every time I’ve gotten away with it, actually some people like the content. You really don’t need to be too worried about having an opinion or writing something too logical on WordPress because somebody will likely agree and comment letting you know that they approve and you’re being a fine upstanding citizen of WordPress. Twitter is not like this.

If not the most fun then Twitter is easily one of the most fun social media platforms to use but the amount of thick skin that is required to successfully navigate Twitter is considerable. Everybody has an opinion on Twitter and in most cases that’s what you’ll be reading but sometimes having an opinion is unacceptable. In a post that I wrote a while back, I said that Twitter is its own society with its own rules and standards. Don’t get me wrong, Twitter has a lot of great qualities, it’s a hub for entertainment, news and discussion of some really relevant topics; I’d go as far as to say Twitter is basically better version of television and that’s not where it ends as some people are known just for the antics they get up to on the site. A lot of people do forget that it’s not real and I think that’s one of the main differences between the community on Twitter and the community on WordPress. Admittedly, a lot of stupid shit is said on Twitter but some things that are said are reasonable, just worded very badly; that doesn’t stop people on the website from mobbing someone when they happen to say something that’s perceived as not so agreeable. I already stated that on WordPress, people will respectfully disagree with you, however on Twitter you see a lot of people embracing their inner keyboard soldier and attacking someone for having a view on something. Twitter is a place for making friends at times but a lot of times people are fronting and typing things that they don’t believe in to look good for people that they’ll probably never meet. Everything said on Twitter has the possibility to get out to the community and I’ll definitely say that Twitter is more entertaining and engaging than WordPress but it’s definitely a place where people have to tread more lightly (also, if you’ve ever shared something intimate with somebody on Twitter then expect it to exposed in exchange for some retweets).

To be fair, a lot things on Twitter go unnoticed and I’m sure that there’s an arsehole hiding somewhere on WordPress waiting for me to post something that they don’t like but when it comes to what I’ve seen of the communities, I can say that those are the major differences I’ve noticed. Both Twitter and WordPress produce the same results but they are so different in the manner that they do it. I’ve learnt a lot from both, especially when it comes to conducting yourself on a certain website. Whatever image you have of me from my blog, I can say that I’m different on Twitter, not radically different (I’m still respectful like I am here) but different.

Given that for the most part, the same people are on the same social networks, it’s weird how the community changes so much from one to another. Out of interest, have you ever noticed the difference between the social networks that you use?

Fucked up shit on Twitter vol. 10


Even if I don’t blog often in a month, I can always promise you that there will be a volume of Fucked up shit on Twitter that you can be entertained/disgusted by. As per usual I won’t talk too much.



This time, I won’t overload you with the scumbag society that is Twitter but I’ll leave you with this.

Why are anime fans weird?

This isn’t the truth

I’ve been thinking about this for a little while and it’s something that I really want some answers on, I’ve seen it happening for years and despite being involved for years I’m still not any closer to an answer than when I started. I’m talking about the perception of anime fans, whenever I see people talking about anime fans, we’re perceived as a weird breed (and I guess we are a little weird) but it’s a bad kind of weird that people look at us as. There are few things that seem to be paired with anime fans, a lot of uneducated people think that we’re all hentai watching super perverts (that only applies to some) with no friends who seem to think that the anime world and the real world are one (maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration).

That isn’t the case, I’m not going to act like there aren’t people out there handing the anime community some serious L’s but they aren’t as prominent as people outside the anime community are led to believe. It’s really weird how inaccurate the portrayals are because there a lot of anime fans who are just everyday average people who’d probably shock most of the people they know if they got into some wild shit. I’ll admit that a fair amount of anime series don’t try very hard (or at all) to coat themselves in glory thanks to things like the goddamn fanservice but despite its name, it’s something that we don’t have a choice in (I can’t speak for all anime fans but I hate fanservice).

One well known L for anime fans

Some fans use anime positively believe it or not it actually helps people cope with life, it can make fans smarter by introducing them to a different culture and different social issues as well as helping fans to brush up on historical figures. The range is really wide. One thing that makes the perception of anime fans really weird to me is the fact that there are so many things in western pop culture that are inspired by anime, the Lion King springs to mind as well as certain elements of the Transformers series. I’ve never really seen film as something that’s looked down on but there’s an argument that film nerds are spiritual anime fans (in a very sly way).

Before I get off the point and go on a rant about something completely off topic, I’m trying to get to the bottom of the perception of anime fans. There are so many things that I’ve looked at with regards to this subject and I have to be honest, it doesn’t add up. The view that anime is for children only definitely doesn’t do fans any favours especially when you throw things like cosplay into the equation because it probably comes across as children and adults dressing as children (and men dressing as women like Sailor Moon). I understand that there are a lot of things which don’t make the anime community look great but that’s definitely the same for many other fandoms.

When it does come to looking at cultures and subcultures, I know that a lot of people can be lazy (e.g. reading three links from Google and using that to form an opinion) and I personally feel as if anime is a serious victim of this. Everybody accepts the possibility that their view might not be entirely correct but sometimes they might not have the time or desire to do some proper research and the opinion formed from the minimal research is likely to be shared by the majority. I’m also sure that anime hasn’t become mainstream enough (despite so many popular titles) for it be considered cool, although it’s on its way there.

An insightful post that you should read.

These are just some of my thoughts on this topic, what do you think on it? Why do you think anime fans are looked at in a negative light?

Song of the week 8/2/16 – 14/2/16

Only because it’s Valentine’s Day will I post this special edition song of the week (I might do one for mother’s day too… We’ll see) I heard this gem ages ago and I listen to it every now and again. In case you’re wondering what the song is (which you should be) it’s ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ by André 3000. This song is about love (quite clearly), I’m not sure that I’m going to get the meaning of this song right so if you’re interested then you should definitely check elsewhere or listen carefully. The song talks about falling in love (as I said earlier) and implies that everybody will fall in love at one point or another even if people don’t believe in falling in love. The final part of the song talks about a man who is in love with a girl but really tries hard not to admit it (something very common on the internet today)and ends with a very interesting line. To sum it up, everybody has feelings so there’s no point in hiding them because they’ll always show through.

Favourite line(s): … (I don’t have one)

I’ve seen people do what this song is talking about. Some people will talk about how they don’t believe in relationships despite being in one with someone that they clearly love and it makes no sense why they put up a front when it’s so easy to see through it. Personally, I think it’s silly to judge and lose respect for someone because they care about another person but being “cold hearted” seems to be the way forward for some.

Recommendation on how/when to listen: Valentine’s Day/doing Valentine’s Day esque things.