Song of the week 25/1/16 – 31/1/16

Another week, another banger and the name of that banger is ‘Sonic Boom’ by Chip. Chip continues to show that he’s back and only focused on making music for the sake of making music (until he says otherwise). In this song we hear Chip confidently talking about his rapping abilities as well as mentioning that he knows that he will get another chance in the limelight. He also mentions the effect that music industry had on him and how he was treated by it as well as making references to Bugzy Malone and Tinie Tempah, rappers that Chip isn’t on the best of terms with.

Favourite line(s): Safe you brought out the me in me, if you do not get what I mean, then you wasn’t here at the time, but get in my way and you’ll see.

This song is a lot calmer than what Chip has put out over the past few months but it almost seems as if it’s a warning that he’s not to be messed with. The instrumental is something that I have to point out, it’s a remixed version of Scholarships by Drake and Future but when I listen to it I feel like this could be part of a soundtrack to any trippy show that I watch. The most important thing in this instrumental being the sound effects from Street Fighter 2! I enjoy instrumentals like this because I know that I can zone out to them and enjoy the vibe. This song is going to stick with me for a while.

Recommendation on how/when to listen: I feel like this has to be one of those songs that randomly appears in your playlist.



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