Celebrity child support…

$40,000 a month!?

If there’s one thing that I’ve always wondered about celebrities (more particularly male celebrities in this case… I’m not sure if this happens to female celebrities), it’s who they’re breeding and why it turns out that having a baby is equivalent to throwing millions away. I need to explain this better so I’ll try. When celebrities get into relationships, they’re almost inevitably going to end because that’s just how it works but with some of these celebrities, they have babies with their partners before deciding that the contract of the relationship has expired. I understand all of that but then comes the part where the mother of the child files for child support and gets it (which I understand too).

What I’m trying to get at here is that when a celebrity has to pay child support to the mother it usually turns out that it’s a 5 figure sum every month and that I don’t get. What could someone possibly need 5 figures for each month with regards to their child? 5 figures a month for around 18 years, that’s basically made the mother a millionaire at least two times over. I know that a lot of celebrities tend to live extravagant lifestyles so it’s not like they don’t have the money but it’s a bit much for them to have to give that much in order to help raise a baby.

I don’t think I’m reading too much into what isn’t there, but doesn’t the ridiculous amount of child support money teach the baby that it’s ok to have one parent that isn’t a constant presence in their life as long there’s enough money for the other parent to take care of the them? Doesn’t it encourage WAG culture? (something that I refuse to respect) I’m not trying to take shots at the babymums who get the money but it seems like they’re being rewarded for doing what comes naturally (freeing up the goods).

I’ve never understood celebrity culture (I’ve been talking only about rich ones this post by the way) and the money involved. To think that people can work hard at their craft to make a lot of money from it, only to have some of it thrown away for the sake of a failed relationship. I’d say my thoughts on what I hope happens to those on the receiving end of the money but I guess that when you get introduced to a higher society lifestyle, it’s hard to fully give it up especially if you didn’t do any work to get there.

Check out some of these payments… some are above 5 figures


2 thoughts on “Celebrity child support…

  1. I don’t understand divorce settlements ether. A rich guy marries a poor girl and when they split she gets millions? Why? It’s not like she would have ever earned that much on her own or contributed to the family wealth. There was even a case of someone who broke up with his wife and years later he became rich by starting a business. She then managed to get part of his wealth even though they hadn’t been together in years.

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    1. It’s all crazy, especially that last part that you wrote. I’m starting to believe that when somebody makes a lot of money, losing a lot of it in a settlement is a non-negotiable L that they have to take.

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