Ever since I graduated, maybe before I graduated I’ve heard the word success being thrown about. I’ve said it to myself plenty of times, constantly telling myself that I want to be successful in life but it’s weird because I don’t really know what success is but when I get to a certain point in my life I’ll be able to say that I’m successful (I hope) and I’ll know what it is. I’ve seen people that pretend to have life figured out talking about things like success and for some reason that’s made me question the subject even more. I can’t explain why, but the truth is that a lot of things regarding success make me confused, maybe because success is a vague and subjective word.

Does making your way into a Forbes list make you successful? Is having a lot of money what makes you successful? I guess everyone has their own definition of success and that’s what matters but sometimes I feel that I can’t buy into that because I’ll be in a position where I set myself something to do and I do it and it doesn’t lead me to believe that I’m any closer to success. If I’m honest, the older I grow, the further away I feel. Every year I’ve found that I’m doing more with myself but I have these moments when I ask myself what’s going on, I’m always thinking about what I’m not doing which makes me think that I’m never doing enough to be a success.

Maybe success is like happiness where it’s not a destination and it’s actually a state of mind. I’ve got so many questions and thoughts on this subject to be honest. Success is so hard to write about when you know that you don’t have it (or are not it), I’m not the wisest, I’m still finding my way through life trying to figure everything out and maybe that contributes to the way that I feel when trying to talk about success.

If you felt like I was going around in circles whilst you read this, it’s a reflection of my thoughts on the subject. If you felt like I didn’t answer anything on success and just rambled on, that’s because that’s literally my mind whenever I think about success. I’m going to stop waffling now.

DJ Khaled seems to have it down

What do you think the keys to success are? Did reading this give any random thoughts? Let me know.


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