Song of the week 11/1/16 – 17/1/16

I know that a while back I said that my song of the week choice would be the best one that I ever posted but I lied. This time I bring you the best song of the week choice that I’m going to post in this series and I’m being completely honest this time. The song is ‘Talkin’ da Hardest’ by Giggs and it pretty much chose itself. This song shows how much of a boss Giggs is and it’s something that just demands a reload whenever you play it (If you don’t like this song then I just can’t understand).

Favourite line(s):

If you’re talkin’ the hardest, Giggs better pop up in your thoughts as an artist (Jheeze!)

Flipping like a quarter a brick, bag twenty-eight with a thought of a jib, anybody thinks they can talk to my clique will end up covered in red like a portion of chips (MMM!!!)

Bitch niggas looking for glory (yeah), wanna beef me so they can tell you a story (yeah), it’ll get bloody and it’ll get gory, clapped in the neck like Amanda in Saw three! (jheeze)

A few years back when I was in secondary school, this song was an anthem (and still is), I couldn’t get on the bus without hearing someone playing this from their phone. You can’t be from London and not know this song, it’s just impossible, this song is legendary, so legendary that when I had to do mock voting for who I wanted to see in power, I’d see Giggs written down instead of Labour, Conservative and all the other parties that are too long to name. This song is so legendary that it should be considered as England’s new national anthem. I could go on about what a tune this is but I’m not sure if what I write can describe the feeling that I want you to have whilst listening to it. Enjoy.

Recommendation on how/when to listen: On the bus to/from your destination.


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