Some lessons I’ve learnt from anime


When I’ve watched anime I’ve noticed a few things, I guess you could call them teachings. I’m not sure if these things are present in all anime but in the anime that I’ve watched, I’ve seen it enough times and these teachings have made me think. I assume that with some anime, they aim to spread a message to their viewers as well as being entertaining and from what I’ve noticed I’d say that they’re doing a good job, either that or I’m reading into what isn’t there. Anyway let me just get on with the post.

Religion isn’t always good

I can’t say that I have the biggest catalogue when it comes to anime (something that I’m improving on) but from some of the series that I’ve watched, I noticed that they don’t seem to take too well to religion. A few examples I can give in this case are Fullmetal Alchemist (both the original and brotherhood), Gurren Lagann and to an extent Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan and maybe even Death Note. These aren’t the only anime that I can say this for but what I can say is that when I see a character that is religious, they’re never depicted in a good light, they always seem to have some kind of hidden agenda or just an untrustworthy vibe about them. A lot of people know that in real life, religion can be corrupt so to me it’s almost as if it’s saying that people should be making their own choices and not confining themselves to rules that they didn’t make (Edward Elric said something similar to this in FMA). Death Note is a little different to this because Light wanted to become a god but the closer that he got to the religious figure, the more diabolical that he got. I don’t know if religious leaders are like this too, that’s up to you to decide but this is one thing I’ve noticed. What’s really weird is that, it’s not unheard of for anime to have parallels to religious texts or make references to them as if the creator has spent time studying them.

Follow your dreams (or at least do what you want to instead of have to)

Honestly, I don’t think playing it safe is in the anime rulebook (then again it might just be for the type of series that I watch). A lot of series that I’ve watched usually involve the main character going for what they want and then getting deeply involved in the bullshit that ensues, kind of like real life where those that have gone for their dreams have had to deal with people not believing in them, not believing in themselves, being let down and all of that other bad stuff. I don’t think I have to name any series because I’m sure that anyone who reads this (and watches anime) would have seen an anime series where this is the case. I do agree with following your dreams no matter how hard it will be. If there was an anime series that I could compare to playing it safe, I’d say that Shin-chan definitely comes the closest to it just because of the family situation (the crappy house, cheeky child that I’m not sure respects his parents, etc.) not to say that the stuff from Shin-Chan would happen but there’s always going to be that feeling of what if.

There’s strength in numbers

This isn’t as deep a reason as the other ones that I’ve wrote but it’s definitely true. Whenever I watch an anime (most of the time), I always see that there’s a main group or the main character manages to make a lot of friends by the end of the series and in some cases, the fact that the main character has friends really helps them in a tough situation. This can be like real life given that it helps to know a lot of people because it can help you get a job, get you into a lot of social situations or just generally always have something to do. When I think even more about it, I realise that anime does kind of encourage being social and making friends that you can rely on (as cheesy as it sounds) and this is made weird by the portrayal of anime fans which generally include things to show that they’re as antisocial as they can possibly be like staying in their rooms all day every day. I could be wrong on this one but I’ve watched one too many nakama speeches to believe that and it would take a really good reason to convince me otherwise anyway…

What have you picked up from the anime that you’ve watched and what anime would you recommend me based on that? Are there any general things that you notice? TELL ME!!!!! In all seriousness, I would like to know.


5 thoughts on “Some lessons I’ve learnt from anime

  1. *Potential spoilers for Death Note and Attack on Titan*

    Interesting piece. I haven’t seen all the anime you’ve mentioned but I would like to talk a little about the “Follow your dreams” section. I don’t quite agree. Let’s take Light as an example. His dream was to cleanse the world of all criminals. He was a serial killer and his “dream” ultimately lead to his death along with thousands? millions? of others. Eren is another prime example of how following your dreams may not be the best idea. Eren, whilst with good intentions, lead himself and many of his friends to their death by naively rushing to battle, following his heart. His so called dream came at great cost and accomplished very little at that point. I’m not entirely sure what my point is, maybe just that following your dream isn’t always the best. You need to take into account what the dream is, who it affects and what the risks are. Thanks for reading my ramble, I really enjoyed reading your post!

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    1. I’m happy that you’ve shared you’re viewpoint, I don’t expect or hope that everyone would agree with me so it’s always good to see what everyone else thinks. I can see where you’re coming from with your points, there’s always a downside to following your dream especially if it something like Light’s. I did mean follow your dreams within reason but I could have been clearer on that and like you’ve pointed out, there can be a lot of sacrifice for little gain, I guess it depends on how you view it. I glad that you enjoyed reading the post 🙂

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      1. Haha, I didn’t mean to be so negative, it was just something I thought of. Of course people should follow their dreams. Sorry I sent like three comments before, I wasn’t sure what was going on.

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