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Watching WWE’s product over the past few months has repeatedly driven home the fact that it’s not good and it’s going to be a while before it gets better. I’m probably not going to change my opinion on this because to me this is true, it’s damn true! I used to constantly blame Vince McMahon and the booking team for the mess that WWE is and to an extent they are still to blame but as I watch the product, I think the fans might be in a position where they have to shoulder more of the blame than the booking team.

There are definitely fans that know what they’re talking about like Rock Bottom Radio (you can catch them on Wednesdays at 8PM Radio lab 97.1FM to see what I’m talking about) but for every fan who knows the deal (which is rarer than you’d think) there are so many that pretend to know what they want. Last week on Monday Night Raw, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch had a match in which they were allowed to wrestle only for the crowd to start chanting “this is boring!” and it didn’t make sense because the crowd had been chanting for Sasha Banks as she’s not been given much of a chance since joining the main roster. This is something that I’ve seen with fans for a while, they’ll chant for somebody and write on the internet about how certain people should be pushed and when WWE give these people a bit of a push, the fans stop caring. What is this nonsense? I can see that WWE has been put in a weird position because when they push Roman Reigns (someone that they want to push) he gets booed in favour of the wrestlers that the fans pretend to want.

It’s no surprise to see WWE pushing the wrestlers that they want to push over the ones the fans want pushed, if WWE paid more attention to the fans then it’d probably be a situation where everybody who wins a championship (the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in particular) would turn heel at some point due to the crowd turning on them.

I’m not saying that the crowd doesn’t have a right to cheer for whoever they want but if they were more solid in getting behind wrestlers (like how they were with CM Punk), there would be a chance that WWE would be more confident in pushing wrestlers that fans feel could entertain them and that would only leave the booking team to learn how to write feuds properly.

These are just my thoughts though, what do you think about the situation?


2 thoughts on “WWE Fans…

  1. You can’t please everybody. Some people may root for Banks, but that won’t be true for everyone in packed arena. It’s also possible that she had a bad night and the match really was boring. It’s hard to name a wrestler than delivered a 5 star performance all the time.

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    1. I get what you’re saying, It’s true that not everyone will support the same wrestler but it doesn’t really make any sense to me when fans spend months cheering for someone only to seemingly turn on them when they get their chance. WWE fans aren’t used to wrestling but I can vouch that the match was good (although it is just my opinion). I agree with you, I don’t think there are many wrestlers that can deliver high quality matches consistently. I’m guessing that part of the lifeblood of the wrestling fan is to always have something that can be made better, I don’t think it’s possible to leave wrestling fans 100% happy.

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