Quick thoughts on One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man had so much hype behind it so naturally I was going to watch it and I feel like I can understand part of the reason why there was so much hype behind it. For me, One-Punch Man was the first anime that I watched that was the way that it was (I’ll try to explain this better in the post), I don’t watch parody anime but I still wouldn’t be surprised if OPM differs to them. The series is about a man called Saitama who is ridiculously overpowered (as the name of the series implies) and thanks to his strength, he’s in search of someone that will give him a challenge. There’s more of a story to the series however, I don’t read the manga (I’m hoping for a second season) so that’s all that I can say.

The first thing I can say about OPM is that this series is funny! It’s easily one of the funniest anime that I’ve watched and pretty much every episode has a few moments that will make you laugh. These moments will range from Saitama’s reaction to situations to the way that some enemies are defeated. When watching the series, I personally felt like I was watching a cartoon from the west which was transformed into an anime (anime and cartoons are the same thing but they’re not in my opinion). I also felt like the creator didn’t give a flying fuck (which was cool) when it came to what he wanted to put in the series, it was as if he wrote something into the story and pretty much said ‘this is how it’s happening, deal with it!’ and it worked (I think that OPM partially being a parody series helped as well).

This is one of the funniest scenes in the series:

Usually when a character is overpowered, it’s something that makes me want to engage with them less (unless it’s Goku) so it was interesting to see a plot where the main character was purposely overpowered and it worked well. Due to the length of the season, I felt like Saitama was the only character that it was easy to engage with because he was the most fleshed out. The other characters in the series were interesting, too interesting to be left with little development which is part of the reason that I’m hoping for another season. I didn’t have a problem with the pacing of the series even though it seemed like things started to progress slowly in the final few episodes (probably because I waited for the season to finish before watching it). I can say that I look forward to where the plot is going to go.

I’d say that OPM was a victim of its own hype, the series was good but it was made to seem like it is one of the best anime that’s been made (at least that’s what my Twitter feed made it seem like). I could see that a lot of people who don’t watch anime tuned into watch this series and hopefully this will make them want to watch more anime.

Favourite scene (the sound has a different pitch):

Other thoughts: Saitama’s explanation on how he gained his abilities perfectly mocked strong anime characters. There is a hero called Mumen Rider and he is a legend! The second episode introduces a character who might just be the most epic Krillin I’ve seen in anime, he’s told something in the last episode which pretty much sums him up for the whole series. Despite Saitama’s ability to end matches in one punch, the show still managed to get me to care about them. The transition between Saitama’s normal and serious face was always funny. There’s no way that you can’t love the opening credits. Saitama vs. Goku could make an interesting fight.

Recommendation: I’d recommend this to someone for their first anime (I think I’ve said this in a few instances).

What did you think of One-Punch Man? Are there any other anime like this that you think I should watch? Let me know in the comments.


10 thoughts on “Quick thoughts on One-Punch Man

  1. One Punch Man is a great series. The strength of the series lies in its simplicity. The show, the characters, the story, everything is straight to the point with no beating around the bush. Funny, with little sub-context, makes this title a great option for new viewers!

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