Song of the week 28/12/15 – 3/1/16

Last week I didn’t have a song of the week (sorry about that. It’s probably going to happen again) but that’s the past so moving on I can say that there’s a song this week. The song that I’ve been feeling this week is ‘Stay in Your Lane’ by Jus D. I only heard the song this week but immediately I was feeling it! Jus D unloads a lot of truth in this song as he raps about people who talk about lifestyles that they don’t live in order to fuel the image that they’re in a better position that they are as well being people that they’re really not.

Favourite line(s): Man wanna go from riches to rags, but one yute I know, he looks like a tramp and has six-seventy bags.

This song really stuck with me because I’ve actually seen someone who’s bragged about being someone that they’re really not only for their actions to say different. The rapping in the song may not be the greatest, but the message more than makes up for it. Everyone lies which is understandable but some people constantly lie to themselves and buy into it which makes no sense, they then go and spread these lies when the truth is that they need to just stay in their lane. I’ll admit I’m not hopeful of a time where everybody begins to stay in their lane but the more people that listen to this, the better.

Recommendation on how/when to listen: I think if you’re ever letting somebody know that they’re not who they think they are, this song would be appropriate.

What do you think of the song? Do you like or hate it? Have you ever met anybody that the song applies to? let me know in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Song of the week 28/12/15 – 3/1/16

    1. I know what you mean, Big egos piss me off with a passion! I honestly do wish that everybody with unnecessarily huge egos could collectively experience an event that would knock them down a peg or two.

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  1. Jeffrey, I enjoyed our exchange on my blog, so spent some time just now browsing through yours. Rather than commenting on each of your posts, I’ll respond to what I read here. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with you. We are from different generations and worlds, but I could relate to everything you wrote. Probably my favorites were Rahh! and the last two songs of the week. I liked Rahh! because it gave me insight into you and your experiences; I know nothing about rap, but I read your thoughts on each song and then listened very carefully, and, to my surprise, I LOVED THEM! Wow!! You’ve opened a new world to me. I’ll be back.

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