Song of the week 25/1/16 – 31/1/16

Another week, another banger and the name of that banger is ‘Sonic Boom’ by Chip. Chip continues to show that he’s back and only focused on making music for the sake of making music (until he says otherwise). In this song we hear Chip confidently talking about his rapping abilities as well as mentioning that he knows that he will get another chance in the limelight. He also mentions the effect that music industry had on him and how he was treated by it as well as making references to Bugzy Malone and Tinie Tempah, rappers that Chip isn’t on the best of terms with.

Favourite line(s): Safe you brought out the me in me, if you do not get what I mean, then you wasn’t here at the time, but get in my way and you’ll see.

This song is a lot calmer than what Chip has put out over the past few months but it almost seems as if it’s a warning that he’s not to be messed with. The instrumental is something that I have to point out, it’s a remixed version of Scholarships by Drake and Future but when I listen to it I feel like this could be part of a soundtrack to any trippy show that I watch. The most important thing in this instrumental being the sound effects from Street Fighter 2! I enjoy instrumentals like this because I know that I can zone out to them and enjoy the vibe. This song is going to stick with me for a while.

Recommendation on how/when to listen: I feel like this has to be one of those songs that randomly appears in your playlist.



Thoughts/review (kinda) on Royal Rumble (2016)



The Road to WrestleMania is officially underway thanks to the Royal Rumble. Usually I’m really negative about WWE (just check my posts on them) but this time around, I can say that I’m satisfied, maybe even a little impressed at how WWE did the Royal Rumble. I reckon that the pay-per-view gave WWE some much needed momentum considering who is injured and it will be interesting to see if they fuck this up before WrestleMania.

General thoughts on the Royal Rumble:

The Royal Rumble is always one of the better ppvs in the WWE calendar because it has the Royal Rumble match which tells you who is going to “main event” WrestleMania (and who to boo). The past two Royal Rumble ppvs were huge fuck ups but that doesn’t take away from the excitement of the match since there are always returns, surprise entries, the annual Kofi Kingston spot and funny eliminations.


Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Kevin Owens (Intercontinental Championship)

Winner: Dean Ambrose

This was a last man standing match and it didn’t have JOHN CENA! Now that we’ve established that, I can say that this was a good match but that’s expected of these two. This match had me hooked especially when I reminded myself that the Intercontinental Championship was at stake. This match was surprisingly not super PG’ed up (it was PG’ed a little) like how WWE loves to do with matches and I think that really contributed to the quality of the match. Ambrose made Owens look strong, selling Owens’ hits well and struggling to get up but barely making it before the ten count whilst Owens was able to get up earlier. This match was probably one of the hardest hitting matches you’ll see for a while and that’s something that played well into the last man standing stipulation.

Watch or Skip: Watch

Other thoughts: Holy shit chants really early into the match because it was probably the best match outside of the Royal Rumble match (I’m undecided). Kevin Owens taking a seat whilst Dean Ambrose was on the floor outside the ring was cheeky (love it!). Dean Ambrose and Kevin Owens definitely weren’t PG with their chair shots. Dean Ambrose punched a chair off Kevin Owens’ neck and for that he’s the shit! Michael Cole’s musical chairs comment was one of the best things I’ve heard him say in a long time.

The New Day (c) vs. The Usos (Tag Team Championship)

Winner: The New Day

Honestly I didn’t pay as much attention to this match as I should have and that’s because I’m bored of seeing the Usos in the WWE Tag Team Championship picture, doesn’t WWE know how to keep these guys relevant without having them compete for a title? They do it for Cena and Reigns and these two are basically the Cena and Reigns of that division. From what I remember of the match it was solid which is expected. I don’t really have much to say on this match in all honesty.

Watch or Skip: Watch

Other thoughts: Xavier Woods once again proved why he was the star of The New Day making funny comments at ringside especially when he told one of the Usos that his brother’s soul had been taken and he was next. Despite everything that I said about the Usos, they’re further in my good books for dabbing during their entrance.

Uso dab!

Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Kallisto (United States Championship)

Winner: Kallisto

So this feud is one that I find to be stupid. Two weeks ago, Kallisto won the US Championship off Alberto Del Rio and lost it one day after, just to win it back when the rematch could have just been had at the Royal Rumble with Kallisto retaining. My lack of investment in this feud led to me not paying too much attention to this match. I spotted a few botches in this match but that happens with Kallisto, since I cared least about this match I enjoyed it a lot less. There were some exciting moments in the match, it was by no means a terrible match but when you see a match for the same title with the same stipulation three times in two weeks, it’s very hard to care.

Watch: I guess you can watch it

Other thoughts: JBL’s comment on Kallisto looking up to everybody was funny. I’m not sure if the commentary team were trying to take shots at Rey Mysterio or not.

Charlotte (c) vs. Becky Lynch (Divas Championship)

Winner: Charlotte

I liked this match, I’m undecided on which match I enjoyed more out of this and the Intercontinental Championship match. Becky Lynch looked really good in this match and didn’t come out looking weaker thanks to Ric Flair interrupting on Charlotte’s behalf (as usual). It’s been happening for a while but this match really did help to show that women’s wrestling on the main roster can be entertaining fights rather than screaming and shaking. Needless to say, this match had me hooked, I didn’t care about the pacing, selling, story (even though I should have) because it’s been a while since WWE put on a divas match that I was fully into. Part of me really thought that Becky Lynch was going to walk out as the new Divas champion but it wasn’t disappointing that she didn’t win.

Watch or Skip: Watch

Other thoughts: It’ll be interesting to see how Sasha Banks fits into the storyline and how this will shape the Divas Championship picture for WrestleMania.

The Royal Rumble (One vs. All for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

Winner: Triple H

Is there really much to say about the Royal Rumble? I don’t think so but there are definitely some things that have to be mentioned. My opinion is that Brock Lesnar is going to face Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania, it has to happen after the Wyatt Family eliminated him from the match. I enjoyed watching it, seeing AJ Styles make his debut on the main roster rather than going to NXT, seeing Big E help Kofi Kingston stay in the match (one day Kofi will win!), seeing R-Truth grab a ladder for some reason were just a few things I liked. I wasn’t disappointed by the ending of the match either, I didn’t think it made much sense but questioning WWE’s logic gets tiring so I’ll just wait for Roman Reigns vs. Triple H at WrestleMania.


Me watching all of the surprises.

Watch or Skip: Always watch (even if the Rumble match is shit)

Other thoughts: I saw a lot of people claiming that Triple H’s win was predictable which makes me wonder how I was the only person that didn’t see it coming. I thought Reigns would be in the final two after the steady three year Royal Rumble progression but seeing him eliminated before then wasn’t bad. I’m wondering if there’s going to be a Kevin Owens/AJ Styles feud or Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn. Everything points to Roman Reigns having his WrestleMania moment but I’m not disappointed.

Clap of approval

My reaction to the Royal Rumble.

Song of the week 18/1/16 – 24/1/16

Here’s the link to the song

I almost wasn’t going to do the song of the week this week just because I couldn’t find the song I was looking for on YouTube but fear not (if you weren’t fearing to begin with then that makes me sad). Moving on the song that I’ve been feeling this week (that could possibly be responsible for a lack of new music over the next few weeks) is ‘Genocide’ by the legendary Dr. Dre which features Marsha Ambrosius, Candice Pillay and Kendrick Lamar. The song references killing in Compton and I’m guessing how casual murder is in that city. It goes further as Dr. Dre compares how murder occurs in Compton to his effect on the music industry. Kendrick makes references to the life that he’s had whilst growing up in Compton, something that can really be understood when listening to his album good kid, m.A.A.d city.

Favourite line(s):

Kendrick Lamar – My discretion fuck your blessing, fuck your life, fuck your hope, fuck your mama, fuck your daddy, fuck your dead homie, fucked the world up when we came up that’s Compton homie!

Everything about this song sounds right! Everything gets me, from the start where the car is revving up, to the verse by Candice Pillay, to Kendrick Lamar’s verse. The instrumental really does a lot for this song, I feel like every sound is right and it’s placed correctly. It’s hard for me to explain but if you listen to the hook after the first verse and the instrumental that’s behind it, could you really tell me that it doesn’t sound well placed?

Recommendation on how/when to listen: Is there ever a designated time for Dr. Dre’s music. Blaze one and zone out (or don’t blaze one, it doesn’t really matter).

On a side note, I was so happy when Dr. Dre’s new album finally came out.

Celebrity child support…

$40,000 a month!?

If there’s one thing that I’ve always wondered about celebrities (more particularly male celebrities in this case… I’m not sure if this happens to female celebrities), it’s who they’re breeding and why it turns out that having a baby is equivalent to throwing millions away. I need to explain this better so I’ll try. When celebrities get into relationships, they’re almost inevitably going to end because that’s just how it works but with some of these celebrities, they have babies with their partners before deciding that the contract of the relationship has expired. I understand all of that but then comes the part where the mother of the child files for child support and gets it (which I understand too).

What I’m trying to get at here is that when a celebrity has to pay child support to the mother it usually turns out that it’s a 5 figure sum every month and that I don’t get. What could someone possibly need 5 figures for each month with regards to their child? 5 figures a month for around 18 years, that’s basically made the mother a millionaire at least two times over. I know that a lot of celebrities tend to live extravagant lifestyles so it’s not like they don’t have the money but it’s a bit much for them to have to give that much in order to help raise a baby.

I don’t think I’m reading too much into what isn’t there, but doesn’t the ridiculous amount of child support money teach the baby that it’s ok to have one parent that isn’t a constant presence in their life as long there’s enough money for the other parent to take care of the them? Doesn’t it encourage WAG culture? (something that I refuse to respect) I’m not trying to take shots at the babymums who get the money but it seems like they’re being rewarded for doing what comes naturally (freeing up the goods).

I’ve never understood celebrity culture (I’ve been talking only about rich ones this post by the way) and the money involved. To think that people can work hard at their craft to make a lot of money from it, only to have some of it thrown away for the sake of a failed relationship. I’d say my thoughts on what I hope happens to those on the receiving end of the money but I guess that when you get introduced to a higher society lifestyle, it’s hard to fully give it up especially if you didn’t do any work to get there.

Check out some of these payments… some are above 5 figures



Ever since I graduated, maybe before I graduated I’ve heard the word success being thrown about. I’ve said it to myself plenty of times, constantly telling myself that I want to be successful in life but it’s weird because I don’t really know what success is but when I get to a certain point in my life I’ll be able to say that I’m successful (I hope) and I’ll know what it is. I’ve seen people that pretend to have life figured out talking about things like success and for some reason that’s made me question the subject even more. I can’t explain why, but the truth is that a lot of things regarding success make me confused, maybe because success is a vague and subjective word.

Does making your way into a Forbes list make you successful? Is having a lot of money what makes you successful? I guess everyone has their own definition of success and that’s what matters but sometimes I feel that I can’t buy into that because I’ll be in a position where I set myself something to do and I do it and it doesn’t lead me to believe that I’m any closer to success. If I’m honest, the older I grow, the further away I feel. Every year I’ve found that I’m doing more with myself but I have these moments when I ask myself what’s going on, I’m always thinking about what I’m not doing which makes me think that I’m never doing enough to be a success.

Maybe success is like happiness where it’s not a destination and it’s actually a state of mind. I’ve got so many questions and thoughts on this subject to be honest. Success is so hard to write about when you know that you don’t have it (or are not it), I’m not the wisest, I’m still finding my way through life trying to figure everything out and maybe that contributes to the way that I feel when trying to talk about success.

If you felt like I was going around in circles whilst you read this, it’s a reflection of my thoughts on the subject. If you felt like I didn’t answer anything on success and just rambled on, that’s because that’s literally my mind whenever I think about success. I’m going to stop waffling now.

DJ Khaled seems to have it down

What do you think the keys to success are? Did reading this give any random thoughts? Let me know.

Song of the week 11/1/16 – 17/1/16

I know that a while back I said that my song of the week choice would be the best one that I ever posted but I lied. This time I bring you the best song of the week choice that I’m going to post in this series and I’m being completely honest this time. The song is ‘Talkin’ da Hardest’ by Giggs and it pretty much chose itself. This song shows how much of a boss Giggs is and it’s something that just demands a reload whenever you play it (If you don’t like this song then I just can’t understand).

Favourite line(s):

If you’re talkin’ the hardest, Giggs better pop up in your thoughts as an artist (Jheeze!)

Flipping like a quarter a brick, bag twenty-eight with a thought of a jib, anybody thinks they can talk to my clique will end up covered in red like a portion of chips (MMM!!!)

Bitch niggas looking for glory (yeah), wanna beef me so they can tell you a story (yeah), it’ll get bloody and it’ll get gory, clapped in the neck like Amanda in Saw three! (jheeze)

A few years back when I was in secondary school, this song was an anthem (and still is), I couldn’t get on the bus without hearing someone playing this from their phone. You can’t be from London and not know this song, it’s just impossible, this song is legendary, so legendary that when I had to do mock voting for who I wanted to see in power, I’d see Giggs written down instead of Labour, Conservative and all the other parties that are too long to name. This song is so legendary that it should be considered as England’s new national anthem. I could go on about what a tune this is but I’m not sure if what I write can describe the feeling that I want you to have whilst listening to it. Enjoy.

Recommendation on how/when to listen: On the bus to/from your destination.

Fucked up shit on Twitter vol. 9


Making it’s way to your screen, from the darkest depths of Twitter, weighing heavily on the minds of those who witness it! Fucked up shit on Twitter! It’s the first Fucked up shit on Twitter of 2016 so let’s get on with this.

Please explain the man fighting the monkey.

Explain this too.

😆 😆 😆

Before you continue reading, this stuff gets worse (you know the deal).

Seriously you might not want to watch this one (only for the strong hearted)

If you’ve read this far then I’ll leave you with this (which will hopefully take your minds of the previous three tweets since you can’t unsee them).

Messi wins Ballon d’Or…

Messi wins
How many captions can you think of for this?

After all of the hype, Lionel Messi took home his fifth Ballon d’Or last night and as you might have suspected, water is still wet. Enjoy your day everyone.

Song of the week 4/1/16 – 10/1/16

I offer you all another song this week, nothing deep (maybe you’ll get something like that next week and maybe you won’t) just something that it’s easy to bop your head to (although I’d hope that you’re bopping your head to every song I post) and it’s called ‘Lies’ by The Thompson Twins, I don’t know much about The Thompson Twins and not for some reason I feel as if I don’t really need to explain the song (it’s lazy but in my defence… It’s Sunday) anyway I hope you enjoy it!

Favourite line(s): Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah! (they’re gonna get you)

I’ll be honest with you, if I hadn’t been binge watching the Regular Show then this song wouldn’t even be here. If you enjoyed this song then you have the Regular Show to thank for that. This song makes me want to listen to some more 80’s stuff.

Recommendation on how/when to listen: Have an 80’s themed night and play it.