Today, I’m just going to write a few random short stories in my life which all share a similar feeling and hopefully you’ll enjoy it. I doubt you’ll get something out of it but it’s still good to share things since blogs all help to form a community but anyway… Before I start writing I need you to be familiar with a word called ‘Rahh.’ Rahh is a slang word used in the UK (if not then definitely London) and it describes the feeling of disbelief or amazement at a situation. As soon as I start I’m going to write this in my speaking voice so it’s going to read a lot differently to everything else on this blog.

So, I was on my way to a job interview and as unemployable as I am, I was looking mad smart still. like, I don’t even know how to explain it but just know that I was looking bossy (the best word I can think of is great). But yeah pack to the point, I got to the train station and if I’m being honest I didn’t even wanna get this job because the pay was SHIT! (lower than minimum wage in the UK so I’ll leave you to make your own assumptions) The train was packed out, full of miserable looking people and I just thought this ain’t the one (this isn’t for me). This isn’t even the worse part, the worst part is that the train I actually needed wasn’t running so I needed to take a different route. I got on that train and I was just thinking about how I gotta make it in life and find a way to do what I want to do (you’ll see… just remember this post). I didn’t even think about long because that train was packed out and it stank even though it had air-conditioning :/. At that point I realised that what I was going through was the morning routine for so many people and I could see on their faces how tired of life they looked and I was just like rahh.

(If you’re wondering about the job interview, I didn’t get the job…)

I was on Twitter one day, well it’s more of a daily thing but that’s not the point. I was on Twitter one day because… well I don’t know why to be honest (however, in my mind I was searching for things to offer you all for Fucked up shit on Twitter) and I was just scrolling through bare (a lot of) tweets and whilst scrolling, I saw so many tweets that just made me think why are you lying? This made me think about how Twitter is its own society and it’s so dumb because of the kind of tweets that people agree with that almost become rules (I might blog about this one day). I looked at the amount of people of Twitter that tweet dumb shit and not even to judge but I just had to shake my head at the amount of people that lie about their lives just to get the approval of people that they don’t even know. I looked at my laptop and thought rahh but I have rate (respect) the people that are using Twitter to make a career for themselves.

A very quick last story. I met someone who constantly just used to chat so much shit! (they probably still do)about a range of topics, I won’t say the topics but to just be clear it was bait (obvious) that this person lied a lot and the way that they used to describe things just used to make me think rahh you’re such a clown. Once again not to be judgemental, but if you were in the presence of this person then from the minute they started talking you would have thought ‘you need to shut the fuck up!’

Anyway I hope you enjoyed these stories.


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