Song of the week 14/12/15 – 20/12/15

This week there’s no positive theme for the song of the week (I’m sure you guys have gotten tired of the cheesy feel good raps). The positive stuff will be back eventually but I can’t ignore this song just because of how real it is. The song this week is a ‘SBTV Warm Up session’ by Coinz in which he takes the listener through a journey of some of the events that he’s gone through in his life and shows the effects of the negative situations that he’s been brought up in. The rap is full of emotion and it’s very introspective, from this song I got the impression that Coinz is a person who has lost a lot in life and on top of that, he’s made a lot of bad decisions that he’s now trying to rectify.

Favourite line(s): Anything is possible, just look at Stephen Hawking and watch me turn it maximum with minimum resources.

In spite of everything that’s happened to Coinz, he seems like someone who’s grateful for where he is in life and the experiences that he’s had because it’s made him wiser. It’s easy to respect somebody who can turn negatives into positives and try to make life better for themselves and I say this because when you’re surrounded by negatives, it’s easy to give into them and accept that, that’s all life has for you. One thing about this song that really made me take to it was that Coinz raps about life on the road but he doesn’t praise it and to me this is a more accurate reflection of that life.

Recommendation on how/when to listen: I’m not too sure to be honest. I feel like this is a song that you should listen to over and over then come back to it after you haven’t listened in a while just to take in the quality.


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