Song of the week 7/12/15 – 13/12/15

It’s another positive theme this week (can’t you feel all of the positivity coming from these posts) and the song that I’ve been feeling this week is ‘Determined’ by Kendrick Lamar featuring Ash Riser. This is an inspirational song by Kendrick Lamar who talks about how he wants to be successful and asks himself what he has to do get there. When I listen to the song, I feel that it’s relatable for people that want to follow their dreams and really want to stand out whilst doing so. Trying to do what you’ve dreamed of is always hard because there’s the internal pressure to impress everyone and be the best which can lead to doubts that might stop you from pursuing your goal; you can also get people telling you that you’re not good enough, a frustration from a lack progress and other things but that’s not the point.

Favourite line(s):

A dollar and a dream, I feel J. Cole, word to the hole in my pocket and the hoes, that don’t wanna fuck with a broke nigga with ambition, but the last time I checked y’all was broke bitches.

You know you the best boy, you gotta keep doing it, but don’t forget when you do just keep you in it, and never listen to what the industry say don’t be a typical artist be more like Jay Russell, Berry Gordy, Quincy Jones, Bob Johnson, Sean Combs, L.A. Reid, young black entrepreneurs did what it took to succeed.

As the song says ‘Go out and get it’ which is self explanatory.

Recommendation on how/when to listen: Whenever you question your decisions and you need a reminder that someone successful was also once in the same position as you. I’ve said before that it’s always a good time to listen to Kendrick Lamar and I stick by that.


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