Thank you

Just a quick appreciation/gratitude post (even though it’s not that month anymore). I’ve set a few goals for myself, one of which involves this blog and the amount of views I was hoping to see it gain in a month sometime before September 2016. Last month, I gained exactly that amount of views which now means that one of my goals for the year is complete and I can continue trying to complete other goals.

Thanks to everyone that read and interacted with this blog, I can go on setting other goals and hopefully see this blog expand. This also gives me faith in my other goals, so once again thanks and also a special thanks to Ronda Rousey for losing to Holly Holm because that did wonders (and no I’m not taking the piss).

On a side note, this makes think about a post that I wrote a few months back that could have turned in a rant under different circumstances.

I leave you with this.


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