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These are a collection of my thoughts so this post may not be written too well (we’ll see). Lately I’ve been getting this thought about picking up something that you naturally take to and I slightly feel that when you take up an activity that you’re immediately good at then maybe that’s what you should be doing with your life. We spend so much time worrying about what we want to do when we’re really young (or some of us do) but for those of us that really have no idea what we want to do, it’s almost like the answer is right in front of our eyes. I can understand that some people feel as if they may want to do other things which is fair but at the same time I’ve seen situations where someone thinks that they want to do something only for them to change their mind (I’ll admit that I’ve been in this situation as well).

This has come to mind because from a certain age, pressure is put on people to decide what they want with their lives and they’re told that things like dreamchasing are stupid and childish. When someone is good at something, I think that the prospect of continuing with that thing as a profession is put to back of their mind, or it’s adapted so that a “sensible” career can be made out of it.

Honestly, the body puts so much work into making sure that we wake up and are able to function throughout the day, way too much effort for us to end up not taking a chance on what we’re gifted at. Not to mention, there’s always the disappointment that follows if you ignore something that you’re good at to take the “safe” option and that’ll probably follow you for life. For me I’d say that the only time you should really ignore what you’re good at is if you’re following your passion because that’s something that we as humans owe ourselves.

In the end it might not matter as much as I think it does, especially if people are doing random jobs and seeing good perks.


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