Thoughts/review (kinda) on Survivor Series (2015)



Survivor Series happened and to be honest, it was your typical modern Survivor Series. A pretty subpar pay-per-view which makes all wrestling fans question why it’s still one of the big four. TLC is on its way now and the bar hasn’t been raised high, not even moderately.

General thoughts on Survivor Series:

One of the matches that should really matter in this ppv means nothing, 10 people are thrown into an elimination tag match together and fans are expected to accept this just because it’s Survivor Series. This ppv never fails to disappoint, EVER. I’m still trying to figure out why this is, especially given that Survivor Series had one of the biggest events to occur in the history of WWE.


Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio (WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament)

Winner: Roman Reigns

This match wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. Honestly, if this is what Roman Reigns and Alberto Del Rio are like in the ring together then WWE might want to stay away from this match up. I felt that this match dragged on at points, I understand that wrestlers need to sell moves but at the same time there needs to be a consistent pace and too much selling disturbs that.

Watch or Skip: Skip

Other thoughts: What was the point of the spot where Alberto had Roman Reigns in a tree of woe, ready for a stomp only to clearly miss? That’s really hard not to sell as a botch. WWE really doesn’t have anything planned for Alberto Del Rio do they?

Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose (WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament)

Winner: Dean Ambrose

There wasn’t really anything wrong with this match either. It happened and proceeded smoothly enough but my problem was that I feel that I could have watched an episode of Monday Night Raw and gotten the same match. There wasn’t anything new or inventive about this match and that’s what helps to make a ppv good. Both of these guys are good wrestlers, so that makes it even more disappointing that the match was the quality that it was. For me this was probably the best match as well, which says a lot about this ppv

Watch or Skip: Watch

Other thoughts: Jerry Lawler’s comment about Kevin Owens’ tattoo is honestly the best thing that I’ve heard him say in YEARS.

The Lucha Dragons, The Usos and Ryback vs. The New Day, Sheamus and King Barrett

Winner: The Lucha Dragons, The Usos and Ryback

So this was the annual Survivor Series elimination tag match that WWE pushed so much, that fans were on the edge of their seats for, featuring the 10 most over guys in the most intense storyline at the moment. If you read this thinking, ‘you can’t be serious’ well that’s exactly what I thought about this match. This was definitely meant to be the fun match that brings the crowd to life but I’m not sure that it did that, in fact I’m not even sure what to think of this match. WWE were definitely relying on The New Day to do something to make the match entertaining but you can’t just throw out an interesting team and expecting them to make uninteresting match interesting, the booking team should have at least tried with this match.

Watch or Skip: Skip

Other thoughts: Do 5 vs. 5 traditional Survivor Series tag matches even matter anymore? WWE did well to show that Sheamus had some fight in him before being beaten but in all honesty, Sheamus has needed intensity since he came back. What was going on with Xavier Woods’ hair? Why was The New Day’s theme playing during their promo? Where were they going with their promo? Sheamus’ input literally made me say come on mate. The New Day are heels but they’re relied on a hell of a lot by WWE to pump life into the crowd, something I’m sure that faces are meant to do.

Charlotte (c) vs. Paige (Divas Championship)

Winner: Charlotte

This match wasn’t memorable, in the slightest. I don’t know what happened here, both wrestlers were really off. The fact that they had a better rematch on raw makes this match seem even worse.

Watch or Skip: Skip

Other thoughts: The commentators really need to stop mentioning the divas revolution, it’s done and it kind of failed.

Tyler Breeze vs. Dolph Ziggler

Winner: Tyler Breeze

Watch or Skip: Skip

I have no idea what to think of this match, it was really short and we all know that it’s in a feud that nobody is invested in. I’m sure that Tyler Breeze is a great wrestler but he needs to drop this pretty boy stuff other it’ll become hard to take him seriously (well it already is). If not then he needs to go in another direction with it that doesn’t involve being so flamboyant.

Other thoughts: JBL said that Tyler Breeze would one day be a champion in WWE which was met by a heartfelt LOL from me. When did Tyler Breeze start using the unprettier?

The Brothers of Destruction vs. The Wyatt Family

Winner: The Brothers of Destruction

Watch or Skip: Skip

First things first, if you really thought that The Wyatt Family were going to win this match then shame on you, there was no chance in hell (see what I did there?) This match wasn’t very memorable to me so I’m just going to say it happened.

Other thoughts: I was pleased that the Spanish announce table didn’t survive. I know that Erick Rowan isn’t destined for much in WWE but to have him taken out of the match that early was a bit too much and it doesn’t look good on the Wyatt’s. Are we now meant to act like corporate Kane no longer exists? Undertaker 2 Bray Wyatt 0. WWE can’t keep building up Bray Wyatt only to have him lose the big matches, he may not need a title but he does need significant wins otherwise we’re looking at another Ryback situation.

Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

Winner: Roman Reigns

Watch or Skip: It’s the main event so you might as well watch it.

This match felt a lot shorter than it should have been and it was the main event. It was an ok match but what really mattered was the aftermath. Reigns and Ambrose both did their jobs.

Other thoughts: I didn’t think tournament was hard to say but Michael Cole proved me wrong without even trying. Ambrose barely touched Reigns when he powerbombed him off the turnbuckle WTF? A lot of people saw Reigns or Ambrose making a heel turn which would have made no sense and it’s a good thing that none of them made the switch.

Roman Reigns (c) vs. Sheamus (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

Winner: Sheamus

Watch or Skip: Watch, I guess

Sheamus cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase and most people must have seen this coming. Now that it’s happened, let’s sit through it because Sheamus is only a transitional champion (I hope).

Other thoughts: WWE are trying to transfer the heat the Reigns has with the fans to Sheamus but they don’t realise that most people don’t want to see either man with the title, anyway let’s see how this goes. Michael Cole needs to stop saying outta nowhere for moves that aren’t the RKO. Triple H should have pedigreed Roman Reigns.

Survivor Series gif



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