Song of the week 9/11/15 – 15/11/15

It was hard to choose a song this week, sometimes music won’t particularly stand out to you, so with that being said the song that stood out to me the most was ‘All That Matters’ by Stormzy. This is a cover of Justin Bieber’s song by the same name and yes it’s still a love but for me everything works well together. The instrumental is slightly changed from the one that Bieber used but it’s still really soft for a Grime artist. It’s not overly amazing but to me it sounds good on the ears.

Favourite line(s): Look at you with your bad self

I’ll admit, my favourite line from this song is far from the deepest line but sometimes this happens. Like many other songs of the week (I hope) this song is just a good one to vibe out to and that’s just as important as hearing some seriously thought provoking stuff. Anyway enjoy.

Recommendation on how/when to listen: When you want to embrace your soft side. If you’re a soft person then all the time.


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