Quick thoughts on Hellsing Ultimate

After the last post about Hellsing (there are things said in that post that I’m probably going to miss in this one), it’s starting to make more sense why Hellsing (the manga) is popular. Hellsing Ultimate does the series some much needed justice for many reasons but the most important being that I can completely disregard the first series (I’m not going to do that in this post… Hypocrisy FTW). This OVA is truer to the manga however, like the first series it doesn’t have much of a plot, this is more acceptable because the OVA doesn’t take itself seriously like how the first series does. The OVA focuses on the Hellsing organisation, who hunt vampires, kill ghouls and all of that other good stuff but this time they’re fighting to save London (and the rest of the world) from genetically modified Nazis (just read over that again and realise how much better that is than Incognito, I mean Incognito? Really?)

This series is far better than the original (which I’ve already said) but I wouldn’t say that Hellsing Ultimate is one of the best anime series that I’ve seen, this series is definitely average but there’s a lot to like. The violence is one of the main things in the series to really focus on, what this show lacks in story it kind of makes up for with violence and there is a lot of that. The gore makes Alucard and Seras look like badass characters because they’re responsible for a good amount of it and they don’t come across as overpowered. The OVA felt like a 10 part movie which was amazing because I’ve never gotten that feeling from watching an anime and pretty much anything involving the Major was theatrical. Speaking of the Major, in terms of appearance I’d say that he’s the ideal antagonist and if I ever did a series that is definitely the kind of look I’d go for (in relation to that kind of character).

Continuing with characters, one thing that I immediately got from the major was that he was fucking insane. He started a war with Alucard just to kill him and the lengths that he went through were ridiculous to be honest, despite all of that I can’t say that he was a crappy antagonist, in fact he was a good one and he got what he wanted before getting what he deserved (I have to clap for that). I didn’t feel too attached to any of the characters however when I saw the antagonists I always thought that it would be unacceptable if they didn’t die, especially Zorin Blitz. Hellsing Ultimate did a better job than Hellsing with its character portrayals and a lot of this comes down to the fact that Hellsing Ultimate didn’t try too hard to paint its characters in a certain light.

This is definitely one of those series where you watch it and just take in what’s happening rather than focusing on the story and the unanswered questions. There is a lot to talk about in this OVA and I’ll say that it’s definitely worth watching just for the fact that it’s average but great (if that makes sense).

Favourite scene: 

Other thoughts: I’m going to go ahead and say that whilst I understood some of the religious stuff (I’ll admit I don’t like the pentagram on Alucard’s gloves) most of the symbolism in the series went over my head. There were a few questions that I wanted answers to and I guess I’m going to have to watch Hellsing: The Dawn. Who made the Major?  The Major’s speech about him being human was the deepest thing in the anime and for some reason it made me respect him more as a character. I never really understood the purpose of the Iscariot organisation and how they fit into the Major’s plans. Why did so many characters look unintimidating when their faces were covered by shadow? A lot more other thoughts but they’ll make this section longer than the post 😦

Recommendation: If you love violence, just nonsensical violence that looks cool then this is for you. If you like vampires (not the twilight kind, the Dracula kind) then this is for you. I’d recommend it to anyone who has dark fantasies and likes cool looking shit as long as they’re a teenager or adult.


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