Song of the week 26/10/15 – 1/11/15

I think I’ve been doing this for four weeks now, time goes by fast but anyway the song choice is ‘Lock Arff’ by Section Boyz. The song is a catchy one that will grow on you and if it doesn’t then well, I can’t do anything for your ears. The lyrics aren’t really anything special, it’s more or less standard bars that you’d expect from a song like this (listen to song and you’ll understand what I’m saying).

Favourite line(s):

Inch – Man, war is war

Sleeks – Four door swerve, skrrr, skrrr, skrrr

Littlez – Man are real, Don Dada, old school like ragga, man I need them pounds and dollar, run thru green light grasshopper

I think I’ve said all of the important things about this song. It’s popular to an extent and it’s not hard to see why and I imagine that this song played live would be a complete shutdown (lock arff).

Recommendation on how/when to listen: Loud in a car or in your room when you want to get hyped (especially when Inch says ‘man, war is war’


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