Positive vibes

Positive vibes for a positive life. I don’t know if this is a saying, if it is then good, if not then it should be and I want to take credit for it (not really). Seriously though, negative vibes suck, whenever I think about something in a negative way, it ruins my day (or night), it can literally have me sitting still for hours recalling shit tons of negative experiences I’ve had which then leads to me thinking negatively about myself. If you see yourself a negative situation it will happen sooner or later which is why inner negativity should be avoided.

Being positive isn’t always the best (in the case that you’re overly positive) but it’s definitely better to have that outlook instead of a negative one. Somebody (well many bodies) told me that I should just focus on positive vibes which I fully agree with because I can say that there’s a difference. When I’ve thought about some of the positive stuff I want to do, I’ve looked back a few months down the line only to realise that I’ve done it and feel happier for it.

Generally being surrounded by positive thoughts and people is really the way forward (I know that a lot of blogs say this but it’s true). It comes with a weird but refreshing feeling that allows you to think that you’re capable of doing anything. On top of that, nobody ever achieved anything great being negative about themselves.


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