How I would have booked these wrestlers (From Night of Champions to Hell in a Cell)

I’m always bitching about wrestling (well WWE) and how better booking decisions could be made at pretty much all times so you can guess what I’m going to write here. I’ll look at who was used on WWE television this month (Raw and SmackDown) and say what I think should be/should’ve been done with them.

Stardust & The Ascension

There really isn’t much going for these guys is there? Anytime that Stardust finds his way on to my TV screen I already think that he’s wasting my time but to be fair that isn’t his fault, he has a crappy gimmick and on top of that, what could have been a good feud between him and Goldust never got a conclusion. The Ascenion. I don’t know where to start with these guys, they were buried from the minute that they moved up to the main roster (thanks to JBL), the fans have never really warmed up to these guys despite the fact that they’re from NXT and for a while (maybe even still) they were looked at as a crappy version of the Legion of Doom. Now these guys are together and it looks as if Stardust is heading for a feud with Cesaro. I don’t know if that would be smart for Stardust, unless he’s not meant to look strong and I’m not sure what that would do for The Ascension. I reckon that putting these three in a trio isn’t a bad move as it has worked before with other teams, and it would be nice to see them go on a winning run on SmackDown, (since it’s not like any of them are ever going to be in the main event) this would definitely establish The Ascension in the tag team division (which is needed given the lack of star power there) and it would do wonders for stardust. A nice step would be having The Ascension attacking teams in tag team division as well as wrestlers that Stardust has problems with and occasionally top talents (imagine having The Ascension attacking Dean Ambrose because Stardust said so, it would increase SmackDown’s ratings). There’s power in numbers so I reckon that it would be a good shout to have those three as an established midcard team that can lose to others higher on the card without having their reputation damaged, plus I don’t think that they need mic time, those little pre-recorded match messages will do.

Bo Dallas

You might not agree with me here, but I think that Bo Dallas could honestly be a credible midcard heel, even so much that he should be in the Intercontinental Championship picture. At this point he’s just the average jobber, but he’s got such a good gimmick on him. He’s positive and insincere (like a certain tag team) which is annoying, because of this he should keep doing the bo-lieve promos but at the same time he should be facing people that the crowd expect him to lose against only for him to get the sneaky win and taunt the opponent by telling them that they didn’t bo-lieve. That could gain so much heat if it was the right opponent. The crowd would be more invested just so that they could watch him lose, he’s also the type of character that WWE could use to pull off a successful heel vs. heel match, especially if there’s a heel involved that WWE want to turn face.

Kevin Owens

It still early days (kind of) but at the moment he’s not doing anything with the Intercontinental Championship. As champion, Owens should be one of the main faces of SmackDown and constantly working good matches against other good in-ring workers to raise his stock. Every now and again he should be cutting promos on Raw teasing a title defence but then telling the crowd that if they want to see him badly then they have to catch him on SmackDown, there’s already a fan base for him and it’s hard to argue that he’s not heading to the top so why not give SmackDown some love as well. Owens’ mic skills are very underutilised which is a shame because having him speak for even 5mins would attract interest to his next move. He has a tendency to bully Rich Brennan and if that was translated to wrestlers on the roster with some backstage antics then there could be a very interesting feud on our hands. Owens feud with Ryback was such a wasted feud that I don’t actually care for what could have been done better.


There was a huge opportunity to develop her heel character which was completely missed (because the divas revolution was handled terribly). After Paige dropped the promo where she went off on everyone involved in the divas revolution I thought that an eventual title shot was needed. Paige then went back on her actions and Natalya got involved and this is where Paige should have feuded Natalya; whilst trying to get back in the good books of Charlotte and Becky Lynch, there should have been tag matches involving Natalya, Charlotte and Lynch in which Paige would support and “accidentally” sabotage Natalya. Natalya picks up on this which allows Paige to reveal her true colours and then have a pay-per-view match in which she puts Natalya out of action telling her that she got in the way of her plan before telling Charlotte that she’s next. If they weren’t going to go with that then they could have had Paige try to break up Charlotte and Becky Lynch by trying to buddy up with Charlotte and making Lynch feel left out, leading to Lynch telling Paige that she doesn’t trust her and the rest writes itself.


Make him one of the main faces of SmackDown and it will get views, then just allow him to have incredible matches and an organic following will come and from there he can challenge for a midcard title. I don’t see what’s so hard, he’s basically done most of the hard stuff.

John Cena

John Cena’s US open challenge could be a lot more. If someone challenged Cena and lost, only to be frustrated by it to the point that they kept interrupting open challenge matches until they got a rematch then that would be good. It adds more value to the US Championship which is needed because all the prestige is with John Cena at the moment not the title and it starts a rivalry too.


He is uninteresting and the Money in the Bank briefcase doesn’t help which is why I feel that a stipulation should be added to the briefcase. For every month that he doesn’t cash it in, then a random wrestler gets the chance to win it off him, if Sheamus was given mic time to talk about how he’d crush anyone who tried and it’s only a matter of time before he’s the world champion, it wouldn’t do much but it would be better than where he is now.


The demon Kane angle was interesting but the thing is that he should have still acted in a way that shows he takes orders from nobody. It seemed as if Stephanie McMahon still had control over him which took away from the character. I wouldn’t have had a problem if the feud went in a direction where Seth Rollins would see demon Kane backstage only for Seth to run to the Authority and see that corporate Kane is with Triple H and Stephanie. It was a chance for mind games which could have worked.


3 thoughts on “How I would have booked these wrestlers (From Night of Champions to Hell in a Cell)

  1. If they took heed of your ideas Smackdown could overtake RAW, as was the case years ago during the days of Edge. From what I understand Cody Rhodes likes the Stardust gimmick so it is his fault that you don’t like him.

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    1. It could be good to see SmackDown catch up with Raw again, WWE was interesting when that was the case. I didn’t know that Cody Rhodes liked the Stardust gimmick, he’s got some serious explaining to do 😕

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