Song of the week 19/10/15 – 25/10/15

For me there was only going to be one choice this week. ‘Dickhead’ by Chip is the song choice for this week. This is a diss track which was made as a response to Bugzy Malone’s song ‘wasteman’ which was dropped a few hours earlier. Chip more or less responds to the points made by Bugzy in wasteman as well as explaining why Bugzy is a dickhead which also includes Bugzy’s sly attempt to talk to Wretch 32 (who let Chip know that he’s not involved in this beef) and Fekky as well as some standard Tinie Tempah disses.

Favourite line(s): Right now I got a couple beyblade songs, Light Work spin a man I get my beyblade on, 5 months yeah man a man took too long, 5 hours let it bang, another tune gone.


If you’re not following the Chip vs. Bugzy Malone/Tinie Tempah beef then you should because it’s entertaining and there are a lot of questions that need to be answered (if you want to know the questions then follow the beef!). I like rap beef and pretty much every song that Chip has put out has made me think that Bugzy and Tinie should call it quits. I don’t think that the grime scene has been this active for a while either (I don’t follow grime too much) which makes it even better. Some people would say that Chip is bullying Bugzy at this point but the more dubs the better, eventually there’s going to have to be a clash.

Recommendation on how/when to listen: Now, whilst the beef is really heated. If you wake up and you want to leave your house feeling hyped then that would be a good time to listen to the song too.


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