I’m petty

I can admit that I’m a petty person and I can also admit that it feels good to be one. Usually people are taught to turn the other cheek but for me, I just think ‘fuck that shit!’ If you’re wronged by someone (an instance which can bring out pettiness) then it’s supposedly smart to let it go because following up on it will bring more trouble. I can understand letting it go, as in admitting that the situation is beyond my power but that only means that I’ll sit there and hope that karma strikes like a motherfucker.

This is pretty much the case for any situation; somebody could steal a bag of crisps from me (or something small like that) and if I hear later down the line that the person who stole my crisps (MY VERY TASTY CRISPS) was beaten up, arrested, or anything like that then I’ll sit down with a huge smile on my face. Sometimes if the situation calls for it, I’ll purposely start trouble just to fight the person.

Pettiness isn’t the best attitude to have but it feels damn good and I don’t think that’s ever going to change to be honest. I definitely have respect for people that can let things go to the point that they’re saddened by hearing bad news for someone that’s wronged them, (if the person’s relatives die or something tragic like that happens, then it’s understandable, that’d hurt me too) it takes a lot to move on and not even feel a little bit of joy to hear that karma struck.

I can say that I’m subjectively petty though. Things like having the last word in a conversation or constantly having to let people know that I might disagree with their opinion as well as other really small things aren’t worth my time.

If you’ve read this post and thought ‘wow’ (in the surprised/not good way) that’s the response I expected but if you read this and said ‘this is me!’ then I salute you.


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