Wrestling is fake…

Whenever I say that I like wrestling, I get told that it’s fake and this is usually my internal reaction…

Everybody knows that the winner of a match is booked before the match even starts but I don’t really understand why that taints the view of wrestling. People will say things along the lines of “why do you watch it if you know who’s going to win?” (Even though the audience doesn’t know) and this makes me wonder why people don’t ask the same for films or stand-up, we all know that in films something dramatic always happens to the main character and we know that in stand-up, the jokes are rehearsed (the same jokes are told every stop of the tour). In a wrestling match, we don’t know the moves that are going to be executed, we don’t know how the win will happen but these things aren’t taken into account for whatever reason.

Before I go off into a completely different topic, the point is that, it shouldn’t matter if wrestling is fake or not (it isn’t) because wrestling, like any other sport is a good escape. The fact that a wrestling match is booked shows that you should be paying attention to what’s going on between the ropes and taking in the atmosphere as well as the spectacle. When I look at sports like football, there is a great atmosphere however it’s not possible to enjoy the atmosphere fully unless your side is winning, if your side loses a match then regardless of whether they played a great game or not, you’ll focus more on that negative. With wrestling, even if a fan favourite loses, since the result was booked we can appreciate the effort that they put into the match.

People don’t really take into account that wrestlers legitimately put their lives on the line for a “fake” sport; things like the death of Owen Hart, Edge’s broken neck, Triple H’s torn quad as well as the various concussions are the realities of what can happen once someone becomes a wrestler. Looking at the whole thing, the fact that the result is pre-booked shouldn’t be an issue for anybody because there are so many undesirable factors that the wrestlers are putting aside.

When I look at factors like the ones I’ve listed as well as other ones (like fixed match scandals in other sports) it fuels the internal reaction when people tell me that wrestling is fake.


2 thoughts on “Wrestling is fake…

  1. I think people who mock wrestling as some sort of pseudo sport because it’s pre booked simply don’t grasp it. Like you said, the predetermined nature of a match does not impact the athleticism of the sport. The moves that some of the guys and girls pull off are crazy and they genuinely put their body on the line for the crowd watching in ways that other sports stars do not. Pro-wrestlers entertain crowds unlike some other sports stars who are doing what they do solely for personal success. The shows and matches also have a lot of unrecognised work which go into them. Plus, their schedules are often stacked and they are performing multiple times a week. Much respect to the guys.

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