Song of the week 5/10/15 – 11/10/15

Since I listen to a lot of music, I thought that I’d share some on the songs that I’m feeling with you on a weekly basis. This week the song I’ll share with you is ‘How Much a Dollar cost?’ by Kendrick Lamar.

This is a song about a homeless man who asks Kendrick for a dollar, which Kendrick refuses to give him, given the fact that the homeless man’s situation has nothing to do with him. In the end Kendrick finds out how much a dollar really costs.

Favourite line(s): He looked at me and said “know the truth it’ll set you free, you looking at the messiah, the son of Jehovah, the higher power, the choir that spoke the word, the Holy Spirit, the nerve of Nazareth, and I’ll tell how much a dollar cost, the price of having a spot in Heaven, embrace your loss, I am God”

The song makes me think about what I’d do if I was put in a position where I was asked to help a stranger with the mindset that it would have no effect on me. The song will make you question if you are truly a goodhearted human being and even if it doesn’t, the story is still interesting to listen to. It probably isn’t so deep that it’s saying to help all other human beings but by helping someone else, you never know how much it could mean to them and in the long run it could do something great for you as well.

Recommendation on how/when to listen: It’s always a good time to listen to Kendrick Lamar.


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