The influence of anime

Just a quick thought came to my head the other day. When I look at anime, it actually seems as if it can have a huge influence on people (this is obvious but just roll with it). We see it all the time with weeaboo’s (no offense intended, if that’s an offensive term) and people that are generally considered weird (it sucks that anime is lumped with that). One thing that I’ve noticed is that anime might be a coping mechanism.

When I was in school I knew someone that used to get picked on and in order to cope they made a death list, in which they’d write names and how they’d die (like Light from Death Note) and at the time I thought that was some demonic shit. It’s only later that I realised, if it was another influence then things could have turned out a lot worse especially since there are a lot of children who get bullied and get violent as a result.

Needless to say, the death list never had any effect on anyone (come to think of it, I think it made the bullying worse) but what I’m trying to say is that anime means a lot more than a show to some people. It influences thoughts and actions whether it is somebody convincing themselves that they are smarter and more methodical than they really are or someone believing that they have some sort of super power. The story that I gave wasn’t positive but I am trying to make the point that it can be positive and it’s amazing to see how much it means to someone.

I can definitely respect the influence but then again, I respect anime as a whole (except hentai).


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