When I look at Eminem’s story, I can only respect him. To see someone that’s experienced multiple setbacks in his life, hit rock bottom and still be at the stage that he is today is inspirational. He’s not the only one to have been in a shit position but he comes to my mind first when I think of people that almost let life’s pressures defeat them only for them to stand up, give life the middle finger and push forward for what they truly want.

Things like that show me that life isn’t over until you let it be (or until you die but let’s not get too deep with that). Life is full of opportunities, some that we take and some that we miss (I’ve missed A LOT) but when an opportunity is missed, it doesn’t mean to say that another one won’t come calling some time down the road in the future. It seems that pure resilience will guide you along the path of life (I’ll update you in a few years if this is the truth).

Sometimes life can beat you down over the position that you’re in, two ways in which I’ve experienced this are generally feeling sad about it and having somebody tell me that I haven’t done as much with my life as I should (even though I’m the person who decides). The worst thing is getting caught up over it because that can lead to thoughts which imply that the situation won’t get better (I’ve been through this and I’m sure anyone reading this has as well). Feeling like you’re in a shit situation can have you considering whether you’ve reached rock bottom even though the likelihood is that you’re far from that position.

Before this post gets too preachy, I apologise if I fooled you into thinking that Eminem would be a focal point of this topic. I’m just saying that since life has a lot of bad shit to offer, you might as well tell life to do the dirty on your private parts and continue about your business.


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