SSX series appreciation post

I don’t think I’ve made it clear that I’m a huge fan of the SSX series. This is the first series that I truly got into, as a child when a lot other kids were playing FIFA I was playing SSX and I don’t regret it at all. I have fully appreciated things this month like I said I would but I won’t let this month pass by without appreciating this game.

SSX is where it all began and that’s all I need to say about that!

SSX Tricky was the first game in the series that I played fully (although I did play the SSX demo and later on ended up buying it) and this game was a huge part of why I like to play game and I like generally insane stupid shit. This game had everything, great tricks, great track, rival interactions and a brightly coloured palette to keep me interested. My words couldn’t do this game enough justice though.

SSX 3 wasn’t an improvement on Tricky (in my opinion) as it brought through a concept that I wasn’t a fan of, having every event on one mountain. I have to admit that I liked the introduction of a variety of events, and the customisation options because SSX Tricky didn’t have these but my favourite thing was definitely the soundtrack. There are too many songs that this game introduced me to like Jerk it Out and A is for Action, something I learnt to appreciate a lot later. Only SSX 3 could have you doing crazy tricks to an anti-government song but anyway this was my favourite song from the game.

SSX on Tour made me do something that I thought wasn’t possible. It made hate a SSX game, which I still can’t understand. The thing is that as much as I try to find something to appreciate, there is nothing that I can say to praise this game. I personally thought it could have destroyed the SSX series but luckily EA didn’t let this game destroy the series as they bounced back with blur which I didn’t care about.

The new SSX was a good game for sure. I liked it a lot especially because I spent a lot of the time playing it online and I was better than most people that I faced off against (I’m just that good!). This game took a different direction but gave me hope because it showed that EA learnt from SSX on Tour which is saying a lot given how gamers view EA.

This series has a cult following but it really should be acknowledged on a wider scale given how good the games are.


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