We need guys like Diego Costa

Probably Costa’s reaction to being banned

Diego Costa received a three match ban whilst Gabriel Paulista’s three match ban was rescinded by the FA. To be honest I’m not very happy about that (even though I don’t support Chelsea) because guys like him are interesting. I’m aware that the aim of football is to outscore your opponent and sportsmanship is a given but at the same time when everybody acts the way that they’re supposed to then things get really boring. Watching the sport is nice and all but we need these talking points to attract interest to the players and the leagues that they play in, guys like Costa who are secretly preparing for a career in the WWE are just as important as good guys like Lionel Messi who just go about their game and score goals.

If I was to imagine the Premier League without antagonistic footballers like Costa, it would definitely be a better place for defenders but it would give me less entertainment. I’d probably watch La Liga and only tune into the Premier League to watch Manchester United’s matches. Looking at Chelsea’s match with Arsenal last Saturday, what was the main talking point? It was Costa’s actions towards Laurent Koscielny and Gabriel and the 2-0 win seemed irrelevant in comparison. The ban will be good for the clubs that Chelsea face in the coming weeks I guess (since Manchester United isn’t one of them, it’s not relevant to me though).

Good footballers that are considered scumbags are just needed, look at Luis Suarez.

Generally, there’s always bad with the good and you can’t cancel that out otherwise the balance is messed up (in this case, the Premier League possibly being boring for a few weeks). Tell me that you don’t like talking about moments like this.

Watch this and tell me that you’re not entertained.


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