In the last few months the word progress has started to annoy me because I’ve heard it being thrown around so much. Everybody knows that progress is a good thing and it’s a shame that some people think that they can judge the progress of others. Progress is relative to a particular person so only that person can judge their own progress. I get annoyed when I see people gauging how much progress another person has made (this has happened to me) because like criticism this can affect you negatively.

People are quick to say things like ‘you’ve progressed but it’s not enough’ but the question is how would they know that? People make judgements without seeing and then mistake their own opinion for fact. The worst thing about progress and people who feel that they’re in a position to judge is that they will only do so from their own perspective so already they’re judging your progress based on what they see and what they prioritise but they’re completely ignoring what they don’t see as if it doesn’t exist. Things like this can make you feel as if you’ve not done enough or as if you’ve done too much which is short clutters your mind and makes you think about a lot of unnecessary bullshit.

In some instances it’s understandable but that’s when a general comment like ‘they’ve come a long way’ is being said, maybe simply telling someone that you’ve seen progress is ok. Judging the amount of progress is completely impossible to do.

I’ve been told by a few people that only I can judge my progress and like I said before I’ve been told that I haven’t made enough progress. It’s so much easier to pay attention to someone who tells you that you haven’t made the level of progress you should but you shouldn’t take it seriously otherwise it will seem as if you have something to prove to that person.

At the end of day before I get into a rant, I’m saying that if you’re happy with where you are then that’s all that matters and other opinions are irrelevant until asked for.

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