David Cameron…

So basically it turns out that David Cameron likes to dip his Prime Ministerial cherries in pig’s mouths. What a world we live in. I’m not judging Cameron, as whatever he does to be accepted by others is his business but I do find it interesting that his spokesperson decided not dignify that allegation with a response. Usually if someone doesn’t deny something then it means it’s true.

I’m going to laugh at this for a long time to come and if life is really good, somehow this will impact on his reputation enough that he won’t win the next Prime Ministerial election.


4 thoughts on “David Cameron…

  1. Literally just posted an article about why I PERSONALLY believe this is all a stunt to deter peoples attention from the Tories real evil deeds; I mean for a start it was the Daily Fail that broke the news which is suspicious in its own right. Plus neither confirming nor denying creates speculation and keeps it in the public eye for longer.
    As for the news itself – hilarious! I completely agree with you there.
    Would love to get your opinion on my piece if you have time, I’m personally sceptical of Corbyn as well by the way but time will tell.

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