Blogging (blog appreciation post… kind of)

Blogging can be long when you’re writing and you’re really hoping that your thoughts get read by a lot of people but they don’t. This happens to me sometimes and I’ll admit I look at my blog thinking for fuck sake! In fact this captures my thoughts better.

Of course, whenever my blog doesn’t get views, it’s only for a matter of days and I know that it could be worse. Skepta (a popular UK rapper) said in one of his songs that for a year he didn’t make any money off music or trapping but that didn’t stop him from continuing to go about his business and now the hard work has paid off for him.

I’ve read a lot of blog posts on how to blog successfully and one particularly stood out to me (READ THIS!!!) which made me realise that regardless of what the views are like, it’s best to keep blogging and see what happens in the long run.

Truth be told, I know that it’s not about the views and it’s more about expressing yourself but it’s always good to see when people agree with you.


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