What exactly is feminism? For a few months now, I’ve seen newspaper articles, videos or general statements that focus on this topic and I’m very confused about it. My understanding of feminism is that it’s meant to be a way to empower women and give them the same rights that men enjoy but to me it seems that feminism has become an umbrella term which allows women everywhere to hate on men for literally anything. I know that there are feminists out there that don’t hate men and just believe that anything men have access to, they should be allowed to have access to such as higher pay or at the very least, the same level of respect.

Very recently I read an online newspaper article where Dame Helen Mirren actually said that a man putting his hand over a woman’s shoulder looks like ownership. Everybody is aware that things like that are just a show of affection yet the sad truth is that there are people that agree with her statement and probably make statements of their own like women having the right to not be touched by men or something like that. There are very many articles just like the one that I mentioned which seem to put men in trouble for supposedly violating woman and not seeing them as equals and it looks as if that’s what embodies feminism today. Unfortunately, these days it seems as if the type feminism that gets traction is the type that demonises men and when I look at it, it seems as if this is born out a personal vendetta that some women hold towards men, maybe for something that happened to them earlier in their lives.

I see quite a lot of instances where feminism isn’t taken very seriously and if I’m honest, women don’t do much to help change that view. When women go to the club or just on an outing with short skirts or a very clear cleavage, it’s only natural that they’re going to get attention. Women are heavily sexualised in the media and they tend to be portrayed wearing clothes in ways that arouse men, Nicki Minaj is very good example of this. It doesn’t make sense to me when feminist women get angry at men for looking at them sexually when they present themselves in such a way. It doesn’t mean to say that women are sexual objects but it’s stupid to expect that you can go out in public dressed in a way that attracts sexual attention and not expect to get any. It’s literally how it works, in the same way that if somebody went out in public in a tracksuit, they’d be mistaken for a troublemaker.

The kind of man-hating feminism that seems to be mistaken for the actual movement is given power by political correctness in my opinion. If a woman complains that not enough men hold doors open for women, or hugging is some form of sexual harassment then it’s as if nobody is allowed to argue against this out of the fear that the person making the original complaint and all those that agree will be greatly offended. It makes sense that women want to be held to the same standard that men are held to but if women complain about men being men then that just makes everything complicated and it’s not progressive either.

At the end of the day, feminists are free to do what they want but there definitely needs to be a distinction between a woman that’s actually a feminist and wants equal rights and a woman that uses the term feminism to take out their frustration on men and ask for unreasonable levels of change.


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  1. Equality is something I can get behind, but alas feminism has been hijacked by man haters. A while back 4chan started a joke campaign to get rid of the Father’s Day. Some big name feminist, who were unaware it was a joke, actually started to support the idea…

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