This isn’t an appreciation post so technically it’s not part of appreciation month.

Opinions are one of the weirdest things, however this is only case with regards to people’s opinion on other people. To me opinions are like criticism, you have to take them with a pinch of salt however; I’ll admit that opinions aren’t helpful like criticism. Whether somebody’s opinion of what you do is positive or negative, it’s only ever going to be an opinion and will never reflect the full truth. I guess that positive opinions are more beneficial than negative ones because they can have a good effect on the way that you think. It’s possible that they can trick into thinking that you’re in a better situation than you actually are so you have to be careful of that.

Opinions can be very dangerous, for example if one person gives an opinion on the lifestyle of another person. They’ll only critique what they see and it’s easy for somebody, mistake their own opinion for fact and deliver it in a way that seems like it fact as well. Despite the fact that an opinion is just that, for some people it can really affect them and they way that they view themselves. I can truly understand why some people believe that opinions are better left unaired.

Of course, opinions are part of what makes us human and I assume that they’re necessary otherwise we wouldn’t have them.

The irony of this post is post is that what I’m writing is an opinion but you can go ahead and gloss over that.


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