Teacher appreciation post

Personally speaking, I have to tip my hat off to school teachers. Being a teacher is not an easy job as they have the pleasure of grooming children to be future leaders of society and all of that jazz. It’s OK at a primary school level because really young children are scared of being put in trouble and will do anything that they’re told (for the most part). Secondary school is what can make character in a teacher, it’s a completely different playground to other stages of education. The children aren’t really scared of getting in trouble and they’re not mature enough to know that being disruptive in class isn’t worth the trouble that it can get them in.

To be a teacher there has to be a genuine love of children; a lot of children in secondary schools are little shits to be honest. They’re at a point where being a renegade makes them seem funny and cool to their peers even if it’s at the cost of the child being kicked out of the school. Kids will consistently and purposely get on the nerves of teachers and it’s against the law to hit them when they start acting up; this doesn’t leave teachers with many options to get children to fulfil their potential. It’s very easy to send them outside of the class but that’s doing the child a disservice because they still have a right to learn. In my opinion it takes a special kind of person to keep the class engaged whilst neutralising the culprits that will set the class off.

I’m not too sure if this is true but my understanding is that teachers don’t earn too much money, either that or the money is relatively small in comparison to the stress that they can go through. If this is the case then that makes teachers even more special because they’re going to school, dealing with faces that they probably don’t want to see all for a terrible pay packet. Some teachers are arseholes and it’s hard to feel sorry for them but for the most part teachers have to be appreciated for wanting to help children learn.

It’s even worse for supply teachers because there’s no such thing as a student above the age of 12 that respects them. They have to be appreciated as well.

Generally speaking, I reckon that teachers don’t get enough credit for what they do.


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