Fucked up shit on Twitter vol. 5 (appreciation post month)

This post used to be topical (kind of), pointing out the trending topics on Twitter that were weird and somewhat fucked up in the sense that they had gained so much undeserved attention. It also used to look at some of the weirdest tweets concerning that but then this particular post sold out. Whilst I would like to put some of the trending topics on this blog and give some commentary, some of the things I find on Twitter make the topics seem VERY, VERY normal. In fact there are so many messed up tweets to choose from so a fair number of them don’t even make it on to this post. Anyway, let’s just look at and maybe appreciate the messed up armpit of the internet that is Twitter.

Just like last month, I’m posting stuff that makes you scratch your head as to why it’s on Twitter. I will say this everytime, I’m not trying to get this blog suspended (if that can even happen) so if you don’t like explicit content or things written in bad taste then this post isn’t for you.

I want to talk to a committee of women to discuss how I can be a pengting.

Seriously, if you have an answer to question 17 then don’t be scared to write it in the comments.

This is actually what makes the news…

Now I’ll get into the weirder stuff.


If you’ve made it this far then I’ll leave you with a few funny videos.


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