Everybody should just relax (a.k.a non-violence appreciation post)

Sometimes people need to relax, there are so many situations where people will go to the extreme over something so minor and in all honesty it makes no sense. 2Pac’s words ‘Stop killing each other man. Let’s just smoke a blunt’ have never stopped being relevant since he said them. Things like postcodes, store sales and relationships have contributed to pointless deaths and the worst part is that it’s going to continue when it doesn’t need to.

Killing someone over one of the reasons already listed or any other silly reason doesn’t benefit anybody involved in the situation. First off it results in a dead person, which will undoubtedly affect the family of the person and everyone close to them negatively. Secondly for the killer, they end up on the run or arrested which also isn’t ideal.

To be honest killing in general is wrong but it’s even more irritating when the reason is petty and death isn’t necessary.


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