WWE jobbers appreciation post

I like to bitch about WWE for a lot of reasons (crappy product, refusal to push WRESTLERS that are clearly over, John Cena etc.) but sometimes as a wrestling fan I have to appreciate the company, or more specifically the people that work for the company just because of the work that they put themselves through to become wrestlers. Everybody knows that being a professional wrestler is far from easy but for a considerable portion of wrestlers the pay off isn’t great either.

There have been many lists that reveal the salaries of wrestlers and for the main eventers, upper midcarders and long serving employees it’s just fine, but for the jobbers it’s not so great and it’s not helped by the fact that WWE doesn’t pay for their travel or hotels. The wrestlers have to pay for their own living expenses, make sure that they get to shows on time and on top of that they’re not really in a position to speak out against the higher ups out of the fear of losing their jobs.

Unless the jobber is Zack Ryder (who actually makes a decent amount of money) then they tend to enter the ring to no reaction meaning that their chances of receiving a push are pretty much doomed. The thing is that these jobbers are necessary for live shows as well as making talent higher up on the card look good, even if they’re bringing home significantly less than others on the roster. From this point it’s unlikely that I’ll stop saying that Fandango sucks, or any other jobber for that matter but most definitely there will be more appreciation for them and some of the disrespect I give will be directed towards the games instead.

This guy deserves appreciation too!


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