Music is life

Music is life (in a way), it has the power to make people feel emotional and connected with the world, it’s true that this could be said for many other things but music is really special in this case. People can get emotional over and connected to films, television and sport; these things can even cause arguments but the attachment is different (in my opinion), the thing about things like sport, films, television and other things is that they progress and people accept it, they might hope that it goes back to the way it was before e.g. a movie remake being terrible but ultimately people accept it and that’s where music is different.

I say that it’s like life in the sense that, people can have a hard time accepting that music and artists move on, especially in this day and age; it’s extremely similar to letting the past go in your own life. When an artist drops their first few projects and they sound alike, it’s shocking when they drop another project and it sounds completely different, it’s disheartening when they continue to change up their sound, so much so that you might find yourself tweeting at the artist, or contacting them in another way, begging that they go back to their original sound. When life changes and goes in a different direction, one that you haven’t engineered, it’s easy to reminisce over the old times and ask yourself how to make those times happen again, whilst pushing back the reality that life doesn’t work that way.

I think that’s why a lot of people credit music, with greatly changing them as a person, saving their lives or having a greatly positive effect on them. Given how closely life can relate to the music scene, it only makes sense that people get deeply attached to a certain era or type. Music also teaches lessons, as there are lyrics that might show that one of your favourite artists has been through a situation that you’re going through and their advice on how to get over it might just be what you need. This is something that I don’t see in other things people can get attached to.

There’s a lot of other things that make me say that music is life, such as the fact that the type of music you listen to can affect the way that you see the world, or the fact that it can relieve pain. Music is generally an amazing thing, something that most people will say for life.


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