Rant on television!

I don’t like stupidity (it’s a strong word for this point that I’m about to make but I’m not changing it), no one does but it’s very abundant, especially with television. There are a lot of other things too but for the sake of this post I’m focusing on TV; the television can cause a lot of debate due to the content that is aired to and absorbed by children and sometimes the arguments are reasonable, because children can be exposed to inappropriate content e.g Cow and Chicken season 2 episode 7 (watch it and decide for yourself). At other times the arguments can be ridiculous especially considering that any episode of any show can be banned for the gripes that viewers have with the show; an example of this was an episode of Peppa Pig being banned in Australia because the family befriended a spider, A FUCKING SPIDER (or something like that). The reason was something to do with people thinking that the episode was promoting that spiders aren’t dangerous.

How people come to these conclusions are beyond me, but what’s even worse is that people are very easily offended by these things as a result of reading into what isn’t there. TV shows are always going to range in content and that’s to keep the shows fresh and enjoyable, people don’t need to analyse every minute of every episode to find something to be pissed off at. How do people not see this as stupid? It happens very often as well which causes good episodes of shows to attract unnecessary controversy, sometimes people just need to relax and enjoy the show.

I feel that I’ve gotten lost in this rant but the point is for people to stop reading into what isn’t there.

To prevent more ranting and bitching I’m probably going to write about anime, music and games more…


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