Be quiet sometimes

Sometimes it’s good to keep quiet, not every time when somebody talks must there be a response. If there’s always a response, it keeps the conversation going but then there will inevitably be the point where you’ll probably run out of things to say (unless you’re having the most supreme conversation of all time) and if you respond knowing that you can’t move the conversation forward, then you’re not talking for the sake of conversation, you’re really just talking to hear yourself talk.

It’s weird but, it’s so easy to appreciate people that don’t talk too much, it’s easier to talk to them for whatever reason. Being quiet in a conversation can make the person you’re talking to feel like they’re being listened to (provided you’re nodding your head and what not) and it’s honestly one of the best ways to learn about another person as they tend to feel comfortable enough to reveal personal information about themselves.

There’s a notion that being able to always respond makes you a sociable person and whilst that’s true to an extent, it can make people steer away. In an attempt to keep a conversation going people will say unnecessary things such as what they may have achieved, how they’ve got a great week planned, or some other braggadocio shit that nobody cares about.

Being quiet sometimes isn’t a bad thing, in my opinion it’s needed.

I’m sure there’s a psychological explanation for this or something.


One thought on “Be quiet sometimes

  1. As a quiet person I can totally agree. When someone speaks to me I listen to what they say and respond to their points. Sometimes when I watch two talkative people chat it’s obvious that they are talking at each other instead of conversing. One person says something and then the other person blurts out something else.

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