Music is life

Music is life (in a way), it has the power to make people feel emotional and connected with the world, it’s true that this could be said for many other things but music is really special in this case. People can get emotional over and connected to films, television and sport; these things can even cause arguments but the attachment is different (in my opinion), the thing about things like sport, films, television and other things is that they progress and people accept it, they might hope that it goes back to the way it was before e.g. a movie remake being terrible but ultimately people accept it and that’s where music is different.

I say that it’s like life in the sense that, people can have a hard time accepting that music and artists move on, especially in this day and age; it’s extremely similar to letting the past go in your own life. When an artist drops their first few projects and they sound alike, it’s shocking when they drop another project and it sounds completely different, it’s disheartening when they continue to change up their sound, so much so that you might find yourself tweeting at the artist, or contacting them in another way, begging that they go back to their original sound. When life changes and goes in a different direction, one that you haven’t engineered, it’s easy to reminisce over the old times and ask yourself how to make those times happen again, whilst pushing back the reality that life doesn’t work that way.

I think that’s why a lot of people credit music, with greatly changing them as a person, saving their lives or having a greatly positive effect on them. Given how closely life can relate to the music scene, it only makes sense that people get deeply attached to a certain era or type. Music also teaches lessons, as there are lyrics that might show that one of your favourite artists has been through a situation that you’re going through and their advice on how to get over it might just be what you need. This is something that I don’t see in other things people can get attached to.

There’s a lot of other things that make me say that music is life, such as the fact that the type of music you listen to can affect the way that you see the world, or the fact that it can relieve pain. Music is generally an amazing thing, something that most people will say for life.


Rant on television!

I don’t like stupidity (it’s a strong word for this point that I’m about to make but I’m not changing it), no one does but it’s very abundant, especially with television. There are a lot of other things too but for the sake of this post I’m focusing on TV; the television can cause a lot of debate due to the content that is aired to and absorbed by children and sometimes the arguments are reasonable, because children can be exposed to inappropriate content e.g Cow and Chicken season 2 episode 7 (watch it and decide for yourself). At other times the arguments can be ridiculous especially considering that any episode of any show can be banned for the gripes that viewers have with the show; an example of this was an episode of Peppa Pig being banned in Australia because the family befriended a spider, A FUCKING SPIDER (or something like that). The reason was something to do with people thinking that the episode was promoting that spiders aren’t dangerous.

How people come to these conclusions are beyond me, but what’s even worse is that people are very easily offended by these things as a result of reading into what isn’t there. TV shows are always going to range in content and that’s to keep the shows fresh and enjoyable, people don’t need to analyse every minute of every episode to find something to be pissed off at. How do people not see this as stupid? It happens very often as well which causes good episodes of shows to attract unnecessary controversy, sometimes people just need to relax and enjoy the show.

I feel that I’ve gotten lost in this rant but the point is for people to stop reading into what isn’t there.

To prevent more ranting and bitching I’m probably going to write about anime, music and games more…

Don’t know what to title this one

Just some thoughts on being yourself.

It’s messed up how life works, everyone is always trying to fit in and be accepted because naturally we don’t want to be alone. There are people that pride themselves on being alone and spending loads of time by themselves but there’s no way that they can enjoy being alone, loneliness is a killer but that’s probably something I’ll talk about in another blog post. Back to the point of fitting in, it’s something that we teach ourselves to do, school is a good example of this, in a social group at school an individual can tend to conform to the interests of the group out of the fear of ridicule (or something else that is irrelevant in the bigger picture). From the early stages of life people should be taught to be themselves and admit their interests.

(In my opinion) there’s no such thing as what’s cool and what’s uncool. Some people feel that playing games or reading books are what losers do, whilst cool people are those that play sports and spend time outside. The truth is that people aren’t obliged to fit in with what society expects of them, they should adapt when necessary but in the end everyone must do what they feel comfortable with and what makes them happy (as long as it’s not killing, raping or something like that). Not everybody is the same and that’s just how it is, always has been and always will be which is why people must stay true to themselves.

There are a lot of people who feel that they must fit in with other people, or they feel that they must alter themselves to match what is expected of them by the world and so they change themselves (I have a description for these people but I don’t know how to write it without sounding like a dick). You can tell that these kind of people aren’t themselves as their personality isn’t consistent (if that makes sense); forcing a personality is one of the worst things that a person could do to themselves as they deny who they are, it makes them unlikeable as they tend to overdo things in terms of their attitude and most obviously it shows that they’re uncomfortable with themselves when they have no reason to be.

At the end of the day everybody owes it to themselves to be just that.

Fucked up shit on Twitter vol. 4

It’s that time again. This time, I’m staying true to the title of the post; there’s some really NSFW stuff on this post so if you don’t like those kind of things you were warned. Seriously this is NSFW, if you’re easily offended then this post is NOT for you. I’m not trying to have this blog reported (if that’s possible). With that being said I’m not even going comment much, just enjoy (or be appalled, your choice really).

Just going to calm down with the content a little bit.

Back to the normal content now…

If you’ve looked this far then here’s something funny to leave with.

Be quiet sometimes

Sometimes it’s good to keep quiet, not every time when somebody talks must there be a response. If there’s always a response, it keeps the conversation going but then there will inevitably be the point where you’ll probably run out of things to say (unless you’re having the most supreme conversation of all time) and if you respond knowing that you can’t move the conversation forward, then you’re not talking for the sake of conversation, you’re really just talking to hear yourself talk.

It’s weird but, it’s so easy to appreciate people that don’t talk too much, it’s easier to talk to them for whatever reason. Being quiet in a conversation can make the person you’re talking to feel like they’re being listened to (provided you’re nodding your head and what not) and it’s honestly one of the best ways to learn about another person as they tend to feel comfortable enough to reveal personal information about themselves.

There’s a notion that being able to always respond makes you a sociable person and whilst that’s true to an extent, it can make people steer away. In an attempt to keep a conversation going people will say unnecessary things such as what they may have achieved, how they’ve got a great week planned, or some other braggadocio shit that nobody cares about.

Being quiet sometimes isn’t a bad thing, in my opinion it’s needed.

I’m sure there’s a psychological explanation for this or something.


You know when someone does something stupid (lack of a better word) or they just do something that will make you say something along the lines of “you fucked up, bro” why do they feel the need to justify what they’ve done. Justifying the action doesn’t change the fact that you did it whether the action is small or big, it also seems as if the person justifying knows that they did something silly and they don’t want to be called out on it.

Everybody does this (myself included) but it’s something that’s unnecessary given that the justification never really achieves anything. Anyway I’m not going rant about it.