Quick thoughts on Fairy Tail Ice Trail

Fairy Tail Ice Trail has just finished and to be honest Yusuke Shirato did a great job. The manga is a spin-off  from the popular series Fairy Tail but it focuses on Gray’s journey to find and join Fairy Tail after the death of his master (still don’t know if her name is Ul or Ur).

Fairy Tail Ice Trail is something that I definitely enjoyed more than the actual series because it made a character that wasn’t Natsu or Lucy central to the story. The story was well written and gave an insight into Gray’s past (something that a lot of stories can struggle with), the story wasn’t long and it didn’t need to be because it successfully filled in the blank space between Gray’s prior training to joining Fairy Tail and his joining of the guild.

Fairy Tail is a series that I feel is overrated and when I read the manga, I tend to have a lot of complaints about it, such as crappy characters, female characters only serving as fan service and having no real use (Lucy) and a very average story. Ice Trail was guilty of some of those things (in my opinion) however it did a better job of tackling those problems than the series that it’s based off.

The biggest thing about Ice Trail, that made me like it was that it made me gain respect for Gray, one of the characters that I saw as crappy.


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