Mad if I do, mad if I don’t

There’s a certain type of person in this world that annoys me (well there are a many types of people in this world that annoy me, but that’s not the point), the type of person that makes you a target for no reason. Usually these people dislike you for no reason and they always act in a way to get a specific response from you, but when they don’t get the response they’re looking for they try harder to piss you off until they do. The thing about these people that gets me the most is that when you do give them the response that they’re looking for (which can be violent) they get pissed off with you as if they’ve done nothing wrong.

There’s really no way to win with these people so what do you do? When someone tells me the answer it will be a glorious day, until then these people remain one of life’s mysteries.


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