Quick thoughts on guidance

Guidance is a very useful thing in life, or at least that’s what I’ve been told. I’m not someone who would say that guidance isn’t useful but maybe it’s overrated; I say this because of what I define as guidance, in comparison to what I’ve seen people refer to guidance as. To me Guidance is life advice that one gives to another based on life experiences that they’ve had, rather than pointless instructions (that lead you nowhere).

In my opinion, guidance is something that is hard to come by in life because everybody has their own path. If somebody is in a situation that you haven’t been in, then there’s not much that you can say to them that they’ll find useful because it’s an inexperienced point of view, you may be able to tell them something that they can take on board but you can’t expect it to have a lot of impact.

At the very most guidance can only be advice as a result of certain situations, but it can never be a set of instructions because it’s impossible to guide someone down a path that you don’t walk. Some people will definitely argue otherwise but it comes down to what you define guidance as.

This is just for life, if it’s for locations then guidance can be a set of instructions.


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