Real Madrid aren’t classy

Recently Real Madrid announced that long serving goal keeper Iker Casillas would be leaving the club this summer to join Porto which brought to an end a 25 year association with the club (If David De Gea’s arrival wasn’t obvious before, it is now). This is a result of the club trying to force him out; whether that’s true or not I don’t know but I do know that Real Madrid showed a true lack of class when it came to the situation. They gave him two press conferences (one consisted of him breaking down into tears, the other consisted of unsavoury chants towards the president Florentino Perez but at both many fans couldn’t attend).

This goes to show the character that Real Madrid represents. If I can compare Real Madrid to something, it would be a man that’s able to pick up any girl; as soon as this guy goes up to a girl, there’s very little chance of her rejecting him. Every girl that he gets is good looking (I’m talking 10/10) and when he gets the girl, he lets everyone know that she’s his partner until he realises that she’s no longer a 10/10 and then he gets rid of her casually as he goes back into the market. It doesn’t matter what the woman does for him, she’s got to be a 10/10 and if she’s not then he’s not involved.

That’s pretty much it.


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